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Jacky Ni

25 September 2020

Mr Jacky Ni is the Headmaster of Shanghai Pudong High School, with over 20 years of school leadership experience across six schools. 

He graduated from Shanghai Normal University and began his teaching career at Shanghai Jianping High School, where he was able to further advance his career. In July 1996, Jacky took up his first headship position. 

Jacky studied part-time at East China Normal University and the National Training Centre for Secondary School Principals by Ministry of Education. In order to extend his professional learning beyond the education sector, Jacky also studied EMBA courses at Fudan University, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Freeman Business School, Tulane University. Between 2006 and 2007, Jacky completed a Leadership and Self Inspection programme at the Institute of Education, London University, and he also attained a MEd from Towson University, United States.

Throughout his career, Jacky’s leadership has been recognised with a wide range of honours, including the award of Excellent Teacher and Excellent Master by Shanghai Education Commission. He has also been bestowed the ‘Prominent Master Development Project’ in Shanghai and requested to deliver Advanced Master Workshop Training for High Schools nationwide organised by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, Jacky has been invited to deliver lectures by the British Council and a wide range of universities, and he has undertaken more than ten research projects at national, municipal and district levels for which he has been awarded two National First Prizes and numerous other prizes. Jacky has published two books.

Jacky is motivated by finding ways to effectively integrate western and eastern education, to link the traditional and current educational approaches and is fully committed to continuous school improvement.

Born in Shanghai, Jacky is married and has one child. He enjoys travelling, reading and working out.

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