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Guoqiang Shen

25 July 2018
Mr. Shen Guoqiang is originally from Hangzhou and has been devoted to junior high school education in Hangzhou for 29 years, working as an English teacher, English language teaching researcher, teacher trainer and vice principal. Before joining Wellington College in Hangzhou, he has worked at Hangzhou Jianlan Middle School as Vice Principal. His research interests and expertise involve bilingual education, curriculum design and development, teacher training, TESL teaching, cross-cultural communication, and study abroad planning. Mr. Shen believes that a strong curriculum is like a track leading pupil’s growth and development. In a bilingual environment, with highly qualified and professional local and native English teachers working together in small classes, we can not only successfully transform our pupils’ cross-cultural communication skills and improve their second language acquisition. We can also promote interdisciplinary interaction and knowledge integration, and help our pupils achieve well-rounded development and personal growth.
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