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Alice Shi

26 October 2018

Before joining Huili school , Alice  worked in  a public junior high school in Hangzhou after graduation and have many years of working experience in teaching Mandarin . It gave her solid basic teaching skills and flexible teaching methods. This experience also brought her strong organizational, management and communication skills. During her tenure, she was awarded the title of excellent teacher at the district level. Her papers won the second prize in the province and the first prize in the city. She undertook the task of sending teachers to the countryside at the provincial level and obtained the B certificate of mental health counseling. In college Alice  majored in Chinese Language and literature. Because she is interested in cross-cultural communication sometimes she has taught Chinese as second language and in her part time also she  learnt Japanese for more than 2 years. She likes traveling and swimming in her part time and it will always make her feel relaxed and easy. She  is open, proactive, patient , caring and able to assess pupils’ interests, needs and developments. She is familiar with the recent development of Primary Mandarin teaching theory and practice. Getting along well with students brings her happiness and she believes she can influence more people through education .

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