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Alice Wang

26 October 2018

Alice Wang completed her Master’s degree at Harvard University, specialising in Language and Literacy Education. During her time at Harvard, Alice joined a research team to examine how bilingual experiences could shape cognition and learning using neuroimaging and behavioral methods. Before that, she spent four years at Beijing Normal University for her undergraduate qualification, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature. Alice is a nationally certified secondary school Chinese teacher. She has experience working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced students from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Alice Wang worked in Tsinghua International School in Beijing as a high school Mandarin teacher. She also worked as a 10th grade homeroom teacher, integrating collaboration, engagement and cultural diversity into classroom management. Alice started practicing yoga three years ago. She believes that achieving peace of mind is a major life accomplishment. She is also a pet lover, living with a rabbit and a corgi dog.

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