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Susie Su

16 August 2019

Susie Su graduated from Shanghai Normal University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She earned her MA from Newcastle University in the UK, specializing in Education: International Perspectives (Teaching and Learning). During this time, she gained experience in the UK state sector with a particular interest in P4C and Critical Thinking. In addition, Susie holds a Mandarin Teaching certificate, and, with her local and international qualifications and experience, she is looking forward to the new opportunities at Huili. Chinese is a such beautiful language for Susie, and it is the utmost importance for any child to love, understand and feel pride in their own culture, as well as appreciating other cultures. Passing on her passion for Chinese Language to her students has always been Susie’s goal as a teacher. In her spare time, Susie enjoys reading. She particularly enjoys Chinese folk stories, as well as other forms of Chinese literature, and pedagogical books to improve her own teaching. Susie is looking forward to working as part of the teaching team at Huili and taking her teaching career further for the benefit of her students. Huili’s emphasis on holistic education for each individual student presents an exciting opportunity for Susie to provide the very best education for her students.

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