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Francesca Wang

29 October 2018

Francesca completed her Master's Degree at Nankai University, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. In 2017, she worked as a Chinese language teacher in one of the confucius classrooms in Colombia, where she was responsible for the whole year Mandarin course of the third grade. During this working period, she also organized various activities which were related to traditional Chinese culture, such as Chinese talent club, Chines Day , Chinese Bridge for secondery students and so on. This acdemic backgroud and overseas teaching experience  provided her with her current skills and a deep understanding of education. In her spare time, Francesca loves reading, she thinks that habit  is vital for keeping her mentally active. She also  practices caligraphy regulary, which is a good way for her to get inner peace. If there is a long holiday, she would like to travel around and soak herself in different cultures.

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