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Luna Shi

20 June 2020
Luna worked as a Mandarin teacher for one year at Glashiebun Primary School in Aberdeen, UK while completing her Master’s degree in Education from Wuhan University. After graduation, she worked as a primary school English teacher for two years in Hangzhou. These valuable teaching experiences at home and abroad have not only helped Luna further understand the characteristics of the Chinese and British teaching systems, but also lay the foundation for her future teaching. As a Mandarin teacher, Luna was responsible for delivering lessons to 252 pupils aged 4 to 11 in Glashieburn Primary School, as well as carrying out China-related cultural activities at the Confucius Institute of the University of Aberdeen. Luna guided pupils to participate in both a New Year Poster competition (for which they placed in the top 3 of P1-P3 in Scotland) as well as a successful performance for a Chinese New Year celebration. Seeing the children perform confidently on the stage, Luna felt that nothing could be happier than this. As an English teacher, Luna has designed teaching aids such as menus and flying chess according to students' learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetics learners), and guided students to construct mind maps by designing mini books and flap-books. In addition, she also designed a "time-out box” to help pupils confront their feelings and release their emotions. Through the "sound level card", she has guided pupils in learning to use appropriate volumes in different occasions. She has maintained her habit of writing a letter to parents every week to give feedback on pupils’ learning and growth. In her spare time, Luna has actively reflected on teaching, and through her own efforts, she has successively obtained the International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (IB-PYP), and the Certificate in English Language Teaching-Primary (CELT-P). She believes that teaching is a lifelong-learning career and this encourages her to move forward. Luna is very kind, helpful and considerate. People who know her are impressed by her bright smile. She is very excited to be joining Huili School Hangzhou as a Chinese teacher, and she is looking forward to starting and enjoying her Huili journey!
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