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Penny Sun

16 August 2019

Penny worked as a Chinese literature and social studies teacher for three years after she graduated with a Master of East Asian Literature and Culture degree at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. She also has Senior High School Chinese Teacher Certificate. Penny's professional background provided her with a  solid foundation in social study teaching. Her experiences of studying and working in an international environment enables her to respect various cultures and values, and she works well with staff and pupils from diverse backgrounds. As a social studies teacher, she has a great passion for history, literature and philosophy, and she is good at inspiring students in class. It has been very rewarding for her to see students grow more and more confident as they begin to inquire, investigate, analyze, reason and reflect both in and outside of the class. She believes that rather than practicing and memorizing skills, social studies aims to develop students’ critical and creative thinking skills and allows them to recognize and respect their own culture and diverse cultures in a global context. In her spare time, Penny likes sports and hiking. Regular sporting and other extracurricular activities enrich her life and make her become a more balanced and risk-taking person.

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