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Angy Villegas

15 August 2019

Angy started her career in education in London five years ago, after completing her Postgraduate degree in education with a specialism in foreign languages from Goldsmiths University of London. Over the years she has been very fortunate to work with children of a wide age range, allowing her to obtain a deep understanding of the academic evolution of a child from their beginnings in primary school, to being ready for that next step into secondary school. Over the course of her career Angy has experienced teaching in different school settings, from schools for children with special educational needs to an international bilingual school in northern Italy. She is proud to say that this exposure to different educational settings has given her the oportunity to increase her repertoire of teaching tools and strategies, as well as how to put them in practice to ensure the content of lessons reaches the different learning styles in her classroom. One of Angy's biggest passions is to understand the different styles of learning presented in a given group of children. She has been trained by The National Autistic Society in London on the implementation of different strategies and tools in the classroom that can assist with teaching children as individuals. It is very important to her that a child has the oportunity to share their strengths in a subject, all the while being positively encouraged to find the passion to improve in areas where they need support. In her spare time Angy enjoys joining sporting events with different charities. She has competed in a half marathon, a few 15K runs and a couple of bike riding challenges to help raise funds for Cancer Research, among other charities. She likes to set challenges for herself and has recently taken up martial arts classes with her son; they have both now received their Yellow Belt certification in Taekwondo. Angy believes that to inspire children, there needs to be an element of self motivation and passion for goals, only then can this energy be transmitted to the children so they can achieve anything. Angy is glad to join the Huili School Hangzhou team, where a fantastic year lays ahead, full of oportunities to guide children into becoming outstanding global citizens ready to take on any challenge that may come their way.

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