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Matthew Morris

20 June 2020

Matthew is a primary school teacher from the UK. After graduating from the University of Lincoln with a BA (Hons), he first came to China in 2012 and promptly fell in love with the country. Matthew has a keen interest in personalising the learning journeys of his students. He knows that all students come to the classroom from unique situations and firmly believes that all have the right to access the content, be challenged appropriately and encouraged to reach for the next level. He is a lifelong voracious reader and through his experience in both the UK and China, he has developed a passion for the development of reading in young learners. He finds much joy in sharing with students the experience of blossoming as a reader and opening the doors to a universe of imagination and discovery. Outside of school, he loves to cook and prides himself on his ability to find substitutes for ingredients he cannot obtain in China. He enjoys theatre and improv, appearing in a number of shows during 2019 in Hangzhou and starting an improvised comedy podcast during 2020; he credits this skill to years of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop games. His wife recently gave birth to their first child, and he spends much of his free time walking around Hangzhou with his family and their dog.

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