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Bridget Punch

20 June 2020
Bridget earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of Technology in Sydney and continued her education with a Graduate Diploma in Education from Sydney University. In her role as a teacher of English and History in the beachside town of Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia, Bridget has a vast range of teaching experience, having taught students when they first enter high school in Grade 7 to seeing those same students off after they complete Grade 12. Some highlights have been coaching debate teams which have gone on to win at state level competitions, providing opportunities for students to travel to Sydney to see live theatre, and organising the annual weeklong trip to the nation’s capital, Canberra, where 90 Grade 10 students learn about history, science, politics, culture, law and art by visiting the top institutions in these fields. Bridget has taught all levels of both English (Language and Literature) and History and is passionate about both. At the heart of her teaching is the desire to create opportunities for students to find their ‘voice.’ She teaches her students to learn from mistakes and to build on success. Furthermore, she believes that success is not measured by scores alone, but by valuing the effort that goes into being the best that one can be, in whichever fields one pursues. Bridget was selected by the Sydney Jewish Museum and Gandel Philanthropy in Australia to travel to the World Holocaust Memorial Center in Israel to undergo training in Holocaust Education. She was subsequently invited by the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem to deliver a workshop at its International Education Conference in 2008 and then invited back to participate in a Graduate program for international educators in 2010. She has used her knowledge of appropriate Holocaust pedagogy to create many programs of learning for students aged 12 to 18, ensuring that such learning is delivered in a sensitive and ethical way, whilst encouraging her students to value the lessons that such an education invites. As a Leader of Learning, Bridget has worked with her College’s middle leadership team since 2014. She has trained in school improvement to develop effective strategies to better engage with students, parents and staff. Key to improving pedagogy is a willingness to learn from others and as a qualified ‘Peer-to-Peer’ classroom observer, Bridget will often be found in the classrooms of her colleagues, learning from their talents and assisting them with identified areas for growth. She looks forward to bringing a touch of ‘the land down under’ (aka Australia) to her classes at Huili School Hangzhou. Bridget enjoys reading, travelling, especially to sites of historical interest, and dining out, and when she is not walking the beaches of Coffs Harbour she can be found with her family hitting the ski slopes of Australia’s Snowy Mountains.
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