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Kate Cannaby

20 June 2020

Kate is from Britain and has worked as a teacher for over ten years. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Lancaster University and subsequently pursued further studies at Perpignan University in France. On completing her BA Kate worked in local government, before completing her PGCE at Keele University and beginning her teaching career as a French and Spanish teacher in the UK. Kate has worked in various settings and has taught students of all age groups; she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain such diverse experiences.


After teaching in the UK, Kate began her international teaching career at a school in Dubai, teaching children from over seventy different countries. Whilst there, Kate completed her CELTA at IH Dubai. Kate has worked as an English teacher at summer schools in Dubai and the UK, most recently at Sherborne International School in Dorset. Prior to coming to China, Kate spent a year completing further studies and teaching English online to Chinese students. Kate always aims to establish a purposeful and enjoyable learning environment where students can try out new language for themselves and where they feel fully supported. She very much enjoys seeing her students develop their understanding and gain in confidence as language learners. Alongside teaching, Kate has contributed to a variety of extra-curricular activities in her different schools, including sewing clubs, debate and beginner’s language classes. She believes extra-curricular activities are a great way for students to discover new interests and develop as fully rounded individuals. In her free time, Kate is a keen hiker which she combines with her interest in photography. She also enjoys running and yoga, as well as craft activities and reading. As a keen language leaner herself, Kate is looking forward to the challenge of learning some Mandarin while in Hangzhou.

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