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Hywel Ward

20 June 2020

Hywel has over 15 years’ experience teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESOL). Hywel has achieved a Masters in TESOL and a PGCE in ESOL (English as a Second Language) from the University of South Wales. Hywel's teaching career began after a number of volunteering experiences in Cambodia and India, where he taught English in a school for young children who have experienced the effects of landmines, and in Tamil Nadu, India at an NGO school for girls. It was through these life-changing experiences that Hywel saw the huge benefits of what acquiring the English language can bring to people by enhancing their standing in life and benefitting their family and their own financial positions through access to more career possibilities. He also noticed the joy in students' faces when learning English, and how it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all. Hywel has spent most of his teaching life outside of the UK working in several different countries. Hywel has taught at high schools in Thailand and Saudi Arabia as well as a college in Wales. For the last seven years, Hywel has been working in Dubai, teaching EAL in a bilingual college, developing learner's academic language proficiency, guiding, and supporting students as they progress in their Bachelor pathways. Hywel has also been active in the student community, organizing cross-campus volleyball and football tournaments, and various excursions to the mountains, treasure hunts, or company site visits to promote career awareness. Hywel is a supportive teacher, who empathizes with learners and truly understands the complexities and challenges of acquiring a second language. Hywel's strengths lie in his ability to instill learner confidence; he takes great pride in seeing his learners enjoying his classes that are cohesive, language-rich and learner centered. Hywel has three young children and is married. As a Welshman, Hywel is a keen supporter of all things Welsh rugby, and regularly plays touch rugby competitively. Hywel is an outdoors person who loves going off the beaten track into the desert with his family, making fires and exploring the natural environment. Hywel is hugely excited to join Wellington, demonstrate his strengths and share a happiness for learning.

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