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Linda Wang

29 October 2018

Linda Wang taught English in Tianjin Foreign Studies University for many years after graduation from Tianjin Normal University. She moved to New Zealand in 2004 and continued her teaching career abroad. She has taught English to students who are from different countries with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, distinct age groups with various needs and uneven levels. She came back from New Zealand to China last July and started working as an English support teacher in Huili, Hangzhou. She received a Master’s Degree in Economics in Tianjin Finance and Economics University. Before that, she majored in foreign languages and literature in Tianjin Normal University and got her Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate of Post-graduate in English.  She also got the Certificate of TESL at New Zealand Institute of Studies. She received a professional training in track and field events while she was in her secondary school, therefore, she is fond of sports.  Being a national-grade judge of track and field events, she has participated in many sports games which include; Annual NEC Marathon Tournament, Annual In-doors International Track and Field Events Invitation Meet, the 21st Univesiade and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. As everyone knows, education acts as the most powerful tool for the individual’s personal growth and is thereforea an important element for the civilization of human society. The more developed life becomes, the more necessary education will be. Therefore, teaching is one of the most vital and prestigious jobs in our society. Being a teacher was always therefore her life-long dream. She thinks she is a lucky person who has been doing her favourite job her entire life. Teaching is a quite rewarding job especially when she sees her students growing mentally, physically as well as academically day by day. It is a life-long process that needs to be reinforced throughout life. She is passionate about teaching as she enjoys the process of teaching while learning and improving herself along with her students.

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