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Carina Ma

20 August 2019
Carina joined Huili School Hangzhou in 2018. She completed her Master’s Degree with honours from Hong Kong Baptist University. Her major was English Language Study with a focus on English literature and second language acquisition.  She has presided over and participated in several research programmes, such as Introducing Literature Reading into English Teaching - A Research on Writing Teaching and Establish Critical Thinking in English Teaching.  With a profound understanding in the interactive role of teaching and research, Carina never ceased self-reflection and has updated her teaching methods and strategies through her research. Beside teaching TOFEL and English picture books, Carina has years of experience in teaching English to high school students and served as a class teacher as well. Over the years, she worked with children of a wild age range, allowing her to obtain a deep understanding of the nature of second language acquisition and learning strategy. Her excellent management skills helped her class win the honour of Outstanding Class in Hangzhou. Worked in Wellington College International Hangzhou, she has discovered the advantages of Chinese and western teaching and aimed to apply them into her teaching in this bilingual teaching environment. Carina sincerely hopes to help students develop into a better version of themselves through qualified teaching both academically and beyond, also to be prepared for future learning and life. She is ready to listen and offer help to students and work with parents to build an inspired and happy learning environment. Carina is determined to work with her students, colleagues and Huili School Hangzhou together.
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