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Grace Arnstein

15 August 2019
Grace Arnstein graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  Whilst studying, Grace volunteered at a local children's hospice supporting the social, emotional and educational development of children with life-limiting illnesses and their siblings. This volunteer work continued as Grace completed her PGCE with QTS at Birmingham City University and throughout her first teaching post at a Walsall primary school where she taught Years 2 and 5 during her time there. Grace's interest in providing education tailored to the individual, with a particular focus on special educational needs, continued to develop as she took on a teaching post as Grade 2 class teacher and English teacher for Grades 1-4 at an international primary school in Romania. During her time in Romania, Grace developed and implemented a cross-curricular learning program which enabled children to make links between subjects and deepen their understanding.  Whilst living and working in Romania, Grace volunteered at a charity working with vulnerable young people at risk of human trafficking.  Here Grace focused on encouraging the beneficiaries to continue with their education, mentoring them through a variety of difficult situations and providing English lessons to support their school work and broaden their horizons. As a curious and inquisitive learner herself, Grace creates learning environments which allow children to explore, self-direct and take risks when learning thereby encouraging her students to develop a fascination and interest in a range of topics as well as the world around them. From a young age, Grace has been enthusiastic about theatre and performing arts and has previously performed in a variety of productions.  At university, she became involved in rock climbing and yoga and has continued to participate in such activities when she is able to do so. Grace is looking forward to joining the team at Wellington College Hangzhou and is confident that she will inspire and be inspired by her students during her time here.
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