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Dan Ryan-Lowes

16 August 2019

After completing a History degree at Swansea University (Wales), Dan was elected to the role of Athletic Union President where he led a union of over 3,000 student athletes.  This enabled Dan to secure his first role within a school as he was appointed Wellingborough School’s first Sports Graduate Assistant. Dan completed his PGCE in the South West of England through the University of Gloucestershire which led to his first teaching role at Swanbourne House School. During the last five years, Dan has been Head of History and an active member of the Games department. In addition to his head of department role, Dan was assistant Head of Boarding and acted as temporary Head of Religious Studies. Alongside Dan’s classroom based work, he has organised many trips to historical areas of interest and he has planned and carried out historical re-enactments for over 250 pupils and staff. One of these re-enactments was based on the Spanish Armada’s perilous voyage around the UK. From above you could see the outline of the UK painted on to the field, with the crescent moon formation of one year group being pursued in formation by other pupils pretending to be English ships, armed with water soakers. He is looking forward to finding out about the local history of Hangzhou and of Zhejiang province. Sport, travel and dining are activities that Dan thoroughly enjoys and he hopes to make the most of them in China. As a keen sportsman, Dan enjoys playing rugby, cricket and over the last twelve months, he has started to enjoy the benefits that regular Pilates have brought him. Pilates and regular physical exercise have helped Dan discover the balance of having a healthy mind and a healthy body. This was further reinforced by Dan attending conferences about the importance of mindfulness for both pupils and adults. Dan is a strong advocate for positive Mental Health as he has raised money for charities related to this matter. One charity drive involved a 15,000 ft skydive over the beaches of Sydney last year. Dan is always open to recommendations on places to eat, special dishes and new locations to visit for short breaks. The Wellington experience in China is an exciting new adventure for Dan and one that he will grab with both hands.

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