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Will Xu

29 October 2018
Will Xu graduated from Wuhan University of Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Material Shaping and Control Engineering. He also recieved a Teaching Certificate in Junior High Mathematics. He signed on as a Teach For China teacher after graduation, teaching in a Junior High School in Dali Yunnan for two years. For Will, he feels that being a teacher is really suitable for him and he enjoys the time with the pupils. He has also found he can develop a long-term relationship with students naturally, acting as a friend and mentor to them. He has also worked as a Coaching Mentor at Chinese International School Hong Kong (Hangzhou Centre). He has had first-hand experience at not only witnessing but also participating in how positive education is incorporated into the everyday life of students. He also actively involved himself in supporting students in learning at CISHZ which enabled him to get familiar with teaching and learning in an international context. He believes that every child has the potential to grow into a unique and independent individual. He will strive to discover children's strengths and provide the appropriate environment for them to develop.
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