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Katy Piper

16 August 2019

Katy has worked as a primary school teacher for 18 years in Cheshire after completing a 4 year BEd (hons) at Chester College, a college of The University of Liverpool. Throughout her teaching career, Katy feels fortunate to have worked in the same school for many years. This has provided her with the opportunity to not just see individual children make progress over a year, but in some cases whole families over many years.  These valuable experiences have helped Katy to develop her appreciation for the positive impact school and family links can have in an educational setting. As a Primary Maths Specialist, Katy has been an ambassador for implementing programs from early years across the primary ages that encourage and develop an enthusiasm for mathematics. It has been very rewarding for Katy to see children grow more and more confident as they begin to reason and explain their thinking, make mathematical connections, and improve their mathematical fluency. Along with Maths, Katy’s passion is technology. She recognises that the effective use of technology in the classroom can lead to accelerated and sustained progress across many subjects. Whilst working in the UK, she was an ambassador for several projects and thoroughly enjoyed sharing her expertise with her peers from other schools. She hopes to develop these skills with her new colleagues in Huili. During her own school days, Katy enjoyed participating in competitive sports. It was no surprise that, once teaching, she was quickly identified as PE lead in her school and has worked hard over the past five years to ensure her school was the first in the borough to earn the prestigious Platinum School Games Mark. In her spare time she is improving her cooking skills and is looking forward to trying the local cuisine. After teaching in the same area for such a substantial amount of time, Katy is also looking forward to discovering the delights of Hangzhou and the surrounding area. Katy is very excited to be joining Huili School Hangzhou and in particular the Maths department where she will work as part of the team to develop motivated and independent learners. Moving to China, being able to experience such a different culture and engage with smart, intelligent and motivated  minds, is such a fantastic opportunity for Katy, and she cannot wait to get started.

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