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Jane Jiang

26 October 2018

Jane is a young, energetic and passionate theme teacher. She graduated from Nanjing University in 2014 and gained the postgraduate recommendation from the same university. Three years later, she completed her Master's degree with three school-level academic scholarships. During the postgraduate studies, she also got a job in TAL Education Group to teach maths. For now, she is already maths teacher with more than three years of teaching experience, and someone who also maintains good relationship with her students and parents. She believes good communication between teacher and parents is essential for a student’s healthy growth. She believes as long as the child has enough choices to find the most suitable one for himself, he can develop his potential to the greatest extent and make him a better person. In her spare time, Jane loves to cook for her family and feels the magic and happiness of cooking. She also likes sports, especially badminton.

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