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Emily Jiang

16 August 2019
Emily achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Zhejiang University and a Master’s Degree in Physical Education from Shanghai University of Sport. She completed the IBPYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) training courses in Singapore and achieved the 'Make The PYP Happen In The Classroom' Category 1 and the PYP Assessment Category 2 certificates. She has worked as a Physical Education teacher in Fudan International school for 4 years, and 4 years at Shanghai United International school. For the past 2 years, Emily has worked as the Head of PE and Sport at Shanghai United International School and taught primary upper grades. She has also worked with Shanghai Schools Sports Association, organizing and hosting events at her school. As a Physical Education Specialist, Emily helped develop and implement the IB Primary Years Program (IBPYP) to encourage and develop an enthusiasm for sport. It was rewarding for Emily to see children grow more confident as they began to develop sporting skills and attitudes. Throughout her teaching career, Emily feels fortunate to have worked in a range of different settings with a diverse membership of both staff and pupils. She has a passion for teaching pupils, and a willingness to work with pupils inside and outside the classroom in sports and other activities that enhance the life and spirit of the school community. Sport has played a significant part of Emily´s life. She enjoys playing tennis and basketball in her spare time and is interested in reading about health and fitness. She has always had a passion for athletics being involved in sporting competitions throughout her schooling life. Emily is very excited to be part of Hangzhou Huili School at such an important point for our school, where we have the opportunity to develop a motivated and engaged learning environment within the Wellington community.
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