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White Wang

20 August 2019
White Wang worked at Wellington College International Shanghai teaching primary school and middle school physical education for 5 years while completing his PGCE in Physical Education from Durham University, UK. During his early age, White was competing and representing Tianjin as a youth shot putter before gaining his college degree from Tianjin Normal University. Besides, he gained a FAW (Football Association of Wales) football coaching certificate and Chinese national Lifeguard certificate. Throughout his former sporting career and teaching experience, White feels fortunate to train among elite athletes and has worked in a wide range of different settings. These valuable experiences have helped White to develop his appreciation for the positive impact on pupils’ development that can be found in an educational setting. Along having a life-long enthusiasm of sports and teaching, White has also been a house tutor for the previous two years. He has been often recognised as having outstanding pastoral care for his pupils and will go to great lengths to support their development. White has an immense passion for all sports, especially athletics, badminton, tennis, football and golf. He has an interest in travelling and finding out about other cultures, as well as applying his experiences to further develop and inspire himself and pupils both personally and professionally. As a family he just moved into Hangzhou with his wife Chang and daughter Lexie, White is very excited to take on a new adventure in the most beautiful and vibrant city of China.
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