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Kishan Bhatt

20 June 2020
Kishan has been a teacher since 2007 following periods of work recruiting in the Financial Markets sector and working in student politics as a representative officer. He completed his PGCE at King’s College, University of London and studied his undergraduate MSci(Hons) in Astrophysics at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. The bulk of his experience has been spent working in East London. Kishan’s experience has led him to have worked with students from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities in his time in East London. Kishan’s experience has shaped his international outlook to education and his passion for science education for all, to help children become problem solvers of the future. Whilst Kishan’s main academic background is in Astrophysics, he has taught all sciences up to Grade 10. He particularly enjoys practical science, helping students to discover how to develop their scientific thinking and apply it to different contexts. Kishan enjoys bringing the real world into the classroom, from using pin hole cameras to model the eye to asking students to put themselves in the position of microbiologists to fight diseases. Believing that social contexts engage students to learn and make progress. Kishan is a keen cyclist and bicycle builder, having taken part in events like Ride London 46. He has toured France and Holland by bicycle as well. Currently, he has been learning to ride motorcycles with a view to do a tour of China! Being something of a techie, he also builds and codes computers in his spare time. Kishan has a strong passion for learning. Kishan’s likes to use current affairs and his own interests in the classroom to engage students. Helping students to forge a connection with science and their worlds. Kishan believes that children will solve problems that haven’t been invented yet, and this excites him the most about meeting the prospective students of Huili School Hangzhou.
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