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Mayur Hinsu

20 June 2020
With over a decade of his tenure in education, Mayur has taught both sciences and economics at IGCSE and A Level. He is an avid tech enthusiast with 9 years of international teaching experience in nurturing and empowering young minds by providing them with superior learning opportunities. Being born and brought up in Kenya, he completed his formal education in India and then completing his QTS with the University of Buckingham. His international experience with ESL students and a basic level of Mandarin Chinese has made a positive impact in classroom learning. Prior to joining Huili School Hangzohu, Mayur was working in Harbin (China) and has led several extracurricular activities, mentored trainee teachers, designed cross-curricular learning projects and served as the head of department and university counsellor. His teaching practice goes beyond providing an engaging curriculum to customising learning experiences for students. His background in science allows him to approach a research-based investigative facet whereas his economics background explores the depth and extent to which social interactions and economic activities impacts the local community, our planet and our very way of living. Mayur is a keen learner and in his spare time, enjoys reading, socialising, travelling and intellectual conversations. Not only is he health conscious but also a foodie. He has grown fond of the Chinese food, people, culture and the economy. Over the past couple of years, Mayur has picked up value investing as a hobby. He is very excited by the possibilities and opportunities offered by Huili School Hangzhou.
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