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Richard Self

20 June 2020
Richard Self is an ICT teacher from Nottingham, England. He has been working as a teacher in schools in Nottingham for over 20 years and has been teaching the GCSE curriculum during this time with expertise from ages 11-16. In addition, Richard has taught A Level ICT, A Level Computing and has worked as a moderator for A Level Computing. Richard has a passion for ICT and the way it impacts on our everyday life and as such has passed on this to his pupils so that they themselves are inspired to learn more about it. In the classroom, Richard is enthusiastic and creates a safe and creative working environment that encourages pupils to ask questions, work collaboratively, work independently, to learn from each other, themselves and the teacher. In his spare time Richard has a huge passion for music. Richard has his own home recording studio and has been making music for several years. Richard is also a keen guitarist and has played in numerous bands at several venues in the local area. Richard is incredibly proud to be working at Wellington and is focused on instilling the values in the pupils. Richard is fully committed to ensuring the progress of pupils is outstanding before anything else and is looking forward to working with some of the brightest pupils of the generation.
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