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Coralie Moon

15 August 2019
Coralie Moon graduated from The University of Chester with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Dance (2:1). She has performed a variety of dance work throughout her university degree and beyond, including contemporary and jazz.  Her degree made her realise that her passion lay with education, and she has researched and explored how creative arts can inspire the young generation to learn and explore themselves and the world around them. This naturally led Coralie to a career in teaching, with Coralie receiving her PGCE and QTS from the University of East London in collaboration with the TES Institute in 2016. Coralie began her teaching career in Essex, where she received ‘Outstanding’ in PGCE Dance. This led to her first teaching post as Teacher in Charge of Dance in Devon. She particularly enjoys working with students in musical productions, having choreographed many performances for formal exams and for specific shows. Throughout Coralie’s teaching career, she has developed a specific interest in making learning accessible and engaging for all; Coralie has researched the idea of promoting creative freedom within the classroom and how this freedom can enable a student to develop and flourish.  Coralie, therefore, aims to understand each student as an individual and she is continually working on developing teaching strategies that engage all students. Further to this, Coralie has also adopted a focus of the importance of promoting whole school literacy to improve learning. She has evaluated how well dance as a subject can improve literacy and, more importantly, which strategies work best in improving student's literacy within dance. To further her knowledge in English and literacy, she has recently excelled in passing an English Subject Knowledge Enhancement course which will enable her to teach English. Alongside focusing on literacy and engagement, Coralie has been honing her skills in teaching Upper Prep French and German which has been a valuable asset for improving additional language skills. Alongside teaching, Coralie has worked  in an American summer camp, which has given her experience in teaching outdoor pursuits. Coralie’s hobbies include horse riding, dance and outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.
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