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Michelle Shen

20 June 2020
Xin has worked as teaching assistant in many schools since high school. The times she worked as a teaching assistant had the greatest influence on her decision to become an educator. She has been a teacher assistant at: the Montessori Kindergarten, the Irvine Art & Music Center, Irvine Chinese school, Backstreet family center, Weekday School riverside and Henninger elementary school tutor program. Xin graduated from the University of California Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in Education Science. During her three years in college, she had the chance to study abroad in Paris for two months. After she completed a Bachelor’s degree, she earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Columbia University. Xin’s personal interests are based on two domains: music and travel. Xin started to play the piano around 3 years old and passed the 10th level around 10 years old. She also loves to sing and has joined choirs from elementary school to high school. Because of her passion for music, she took several classes about how to teach music in a classroom at Columbia University. She strongly believes that music education can affect a child in many different and positive aspects.
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