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Ruby Feng

16 August 2019
Ruby graduated from Soochow University in June 2019, acquiring a bachelor's degree in art, majoring in English education. During her college life, Ruby was a leader in her class and an enthusiastic helper for her friends around her. She attended many groups and institutions such as the Japanese club and the student union, in which she learned how to cooperate and get along well with different people. In Ruby's first year at university, she was rewarded for her excellent oral English. During her time at university she was particularly curious about arts and research. Although Ruby has only just graduated, she has expereince in English teaching as she has worked as an intern in schools. She also attended an English summer camp as an English teaching assistant in an international school where she supported  pupils' learning for IELTS, TOEFL and SAT. Ruby has many interests, such as painting, language learning and video editing. She is fond of making friends and learning new things as well as enjoying  exercise and sports. In her daily life, she often seeks opportunities to make her life more meaningful and energetic through learning new things and attending more activities. Ruby is very excited to be joining Huili School Hangzhou this summer. She believes that she can acquire more experience and grow quickly here and she is looking forward to starting her new journey.
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