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Annie Han

15 August 2019
Annie graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong where she studied International Chinese Teaching and Literature and she earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International language. Before enrolling in The Education University of Hong Kong, she had more than one year of primary school work experience, including working as a language teacher in the fourth grade in a public elementary school, being a class adviser, and teaching a grade 1 Chinese class. She accumulated valuable skills through her work experience, including handling class daily affairs, monitoring students' academic performance, and providing feedback to improve student learning and developmental skills. Knowing how to maintain strong and positive working relationships with students, parents and other teaching staff is also what Annie learned from that year. During her master's degree, Annie participated in her school's overseas internship program. As a Chinese teacher, she conducted a 6-week Mandarin program at Fontys University in the Netherlands to teach Mandarin courses to local students and teachers who did not have any foundation in the Chinese language. In order to make her students understand Chinese better, she applied differentiated teaching strategies and methodologies to meet individual students' needs and helped each student to be successful. She also incorporated non-language components of Chinese culture into classroom lessons, including areas such as cooking, holidays, art, and current events. In her leisure time, Annie enjoys music. She studied violin for four years and she is fond of playing piano during her leisure time.
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