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Bingxin Lin

20 June 2020
Bingxin Lin has recently worked as an English teacher for young learners from 3 to 12 years old in Hangzhou Yingpu education Co. LTD for 1 year. During this period, she taught literature, math and science in English. Meanwhile, she communicated with parents about students’ performances face to face or by report and letter. She also attended training programmes to improve her teaching skills and classroom management. After that she changed her job and applied for the position of IELTS teacher in Shinyway Education, Hangzhou. She mainly taught students IELTS reading and writing. Meanwhile, she took part in teaching training, including how to organize a highly effective class, how to impart reading and writing skills efficiently, etc. It was during these 2 years that she accumulated a lot of experience to teach teenager learners and progressed a lot in teaching ability. Afterwards, she worked part-time at another smaller company as an English teacher. To achieve better in academic performance, she also went to Nottingham University to pursue her Master’s degree and she will graduate in November 2020. Bingxin Lin is very happy to join Huili School Hangzhou, where she has the opportunity to devote herself to the teaching of these young learners. She can’t wait to join the Huili family!
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