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Baige Li

20 June 2020
Belle graduated from the University of Sussex with a Master's degree in education. She worked as a part-time Chinese liaison at a language school in the UK, helping schools and Chinese students work through language and cultural barriers between them. At the same time, she has a junior high school history teacher certificate. She has a wealth of education and teaching knowledge. She is very interested in the parenting style and has done some research on the relationship between the parenting style and the academic procrastination of Chinese overseas students. In addition, she is also very interested in language learning. She has learned English language teaching methods and made some relevant observations and practices. In addition, she has also done research about teacher beliefs and child protection. These studies and practices have deepened her understanding of education. She is a positive lady. In her spare time, Belle likes watching movies and swimming. She also likes to travel during holidays to enrich her knowledge of the world.
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