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Huili Pupils Share Their New Year Resolutions

12 January 2021

After a relaxing and pleasant winter break, we  welcome you back to an exciting 2021 with great expectations. In this article, five Huili pupils have shared their new year’s resolutions with us, which we hope they will achieve with great success.



Hazel: 2020 was an unusual year in the shadow of COVID-19. We could only see our teachers and classmates online during the eLearning period, and still needed to keep social distance after we returned to the campus. Fortunately, life in school  resumed to normal when I became a grade 2 pupil. Now, as we rcelebrate 2021, I hope we can all cherish our happy school life, and that schoolmates from different grades and houses collaborate as one big family, the Huili family. 



Carrie: I have many wishes for the new year. I hope there is no hunger across the world. I also want to read more books, improve my English skills and communicate with the foreign teachers fluently. What I want most, however, is for everyone in our Huili community to be happy during 2021.



Karen: Time flies by so fast and it is 2021 already! Happy new year to everyone! My two years at Huili has witnessed impressive improvement in all subjects.  I remember how I needed assistance occasionally to talk to my teachers and classmates in English when first joining Huili, but now I am confident to talk to my expat teachers. As for my English grades, I ranked high in my class and even cracked into the top 5 among grade 6 pupils. Improvement in English is only part of what I have achieved so far. My new year resolution is to become an excellent pupil in all aspects of school life. How exciting it is to even think about it! If the school could arrange a fun spring outing for our grade 6 pupils, it would be the best!



Joanna:  In this extraordinary year of 2020, my junior high life started. I believe I had a productive year academically and in terms of my hobbies. As for my greatest expectations for 2021, I would say it is to continually carry out Huili Values, namely, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Independence, and Courage. For me, the most important value in 2021 is "courage", because I am afraid that sometimes, I lack courage when faced with difficulties. I should be more courageous and answer questions in class, and it is fine even if I get it wrong, because as a Chinese idiom goes, “Failure is the mother of success”. Only after we try can we be truly free from fear. 


Besides, I want to have more academic progress, which cannot be achieved by empty promises. That is why I will give my full commitment to every class to learn more and better. I will also be more active in class and take part in school events, while at home, I will conduct explorations of the subjects that intrigue me and practice on them. 


2020 is history now. I shall not compare myself with others in 2021, because what I want the most is to become the best version of myself.



Jordan:  As a student, I have some expectations for my academic achievements in 2021. For example, if I achieve high grades in my IGCSE examinations I will be accepted into a good university, or if I achieve high marks in TOEFL. The regular class work and homework will assist me to progress. I try to cultivate a good study habit before going abroad for higher education so I can adapt to the environment quicker.


Besides studying, I also have great expectations for myself. Whether it is in public speech performances or leadership opportunities. I will also continue to adopt the Huili values into my life. Be responsible for my own life, be brave in times of difficulty, treat others with respect, tolerate others' mistakes, be a qualified student, and integrate these values into my future studies.


A new year is a fresh start for all of us. We hope Huili pupils work towards their wonderful resolutions and start 2021 with great confidence.


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