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Message from the Principal





As the winter holiday is approaching, we come to the end of the first term of the 2021-2022 academic year. In the last few weeks, pupils, staff and our parent volunteers decorated the campus together, making it full of the Chinese New Year atmosphere.



The end of term is also the time to celebrate pupils' achievements. Teachers have been busy preparing the academic reports and assignments for the holiday. We received the IGCSE maths exam results of our first G10 cohort this Wednesday. All pupils who took the exam got the highest A* level. This is the very first examination of our quality of teaching and learning. We are so proud of what has been achieved. Given this initial success, we have built up our confidence for future exams to achieve great results again.



I have had several meetings with class parent representatives of both Primary and Junior High schools in the recent two weeks. All parents opened up in the discussions and expressed their feelings and suggestions over the school development of this term. We appreciate all the parents' support and their great contribution to school-family communication. Based on the feedback and suggestions from parents, we plan to organise more information sharing sessions next term to answer more questions from parents. We want to progress alongside our parents and support our pupils to become bilingual talents with Huili values and identities.



At the beginning of this term, I shared two focuses with the parents in the parent meetings. The first one is to further improve pupils' academic achievement on the foundation of holistic education. The second is to enhance family-school cooperation to support pupils' growth. Looking back at this term, both focuses have been well implemented and proceeded with the witness of the whole Huili community. We look forward to the new term full of confidence and expectations.



Chinese New Year galas were successfully hosted on Thursday and Friday in the school theatre. Huili pupils put on a wonderful celebration with a variety of performances. On Friday, FOH prepared a CNY celebration in the gym for all Huili pupils offering various traditional Chinese activities and food. Pupils got to experience the rich Chinese culture and festive atmosphere.



The winter holiday is starting soon. I hope all the Huili pupils practice the Huili values and have a meaningful and restful holiday.



Let's say farewell to the past year and welcome the new year. May the spring come back soon.



I wish all Huili community members a lucky and happy year of the tiger.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou




Sixth Form Matters






On 13 January we hosted Wellington College Hangzhou's first university fair. Thirty-eight universities from 3 different continents logged in worldwide to speak to our pupils and parents. Our pupils engaged with the university representatives in conversations about various courses, accommodation and student life. It was wonderful to witness pupils and parents learn more about these institutions and begin to see the pathway to higher education more clearly. The event also helped parents understand fees, the application processes and graduate employment opportunities more clearly. The excitement around the participants was palpable! Thank you to all those who supported and attended. 



It was a fantastic event, and we are already planning for the next one.


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form




Junior High Matters



Celebrations occur at the end of every semester each year. However, this year Junior High has more to celebrate than ever before. We are pleased to announce that 100% of the IGCSE examinations for Grade 10 pupils in October 2021 were A*. This is the top grade that can be achieved. Our pupils all received outstanding results, with percentages of 90% and over for every pupil. Congratulations to the pupils and their parents and the staff who taught them. The combined efforts and support that our pupils receive in Junior high enabled this hugely impressive outcome.





However, our success this week has not stopped. On Monday, we learned that 9 Junior High pupils (grades 7-9) have ranked in the top 50% internationally for their age group in the International Academic Competition and have qualified for the Chinese regional round in Shanghai in April. This competition was extremely challenging, as pupils answered 150 multiple choice questions on science, geography and general academic knowledge. One of our pupils was ranked in the top 1% internationally for his geography answers and in the top 19% overall for his age group. Another pupil ranked top 14% for her age group. A third pupil ranked top 14% in her science answers and a fourth in the top 20% for his geography section. They have done themselves and the school proud.  



Finally today we are so proud to announce that our Grade 10 pupil made it to the final competition and won second place in a robot competition.



To end the year of the Ox on such a high, we look forward to welcoming in the year of the Tiger and the success that it will continue to bring to our Junior High pupils and families. Happy New Year.


Laura Perry


Head of Junior High





Upper Primary Matters





2022, the Year of the Tiger, is approaching. Huili School Hangzhou campus is filled with Chinese cultural decorations. With the strong support of all pupils and staff, the upper primary Chinese department hosted a series of traditional Chinese cultural activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. All activities are designed to combine new year’s celebrations with the learning of traditional Chinese culture. Pupils have had a joyful and meaningful Chinese New Year celebration week.



At Huili, we are always committed to integrating curriculum and culture. This term, the new Chinese culture course has explored Chinese characters, Chinese dynasties and literature, which deeply expanded pupils’ understanding of traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, during the Chinese New Year celebrations, whether the cultural creation of the Year of the Tiger or exploration of the “Eight Traditional Chinese Desserts”, they have perfectly interpreted the integration between the activities, curriculum, and culture.


“初岁元祚,吉日维良。乃为嘉会,宴此高堂。” 精彩的活动为这一学期画下了圆满的句号。我们很高兴地看到每一位惠立学子在春节系列活动中能够有所感悟、有所收获。每一张青春活力的脸上都洋溢着中国少年的文化自信,愿惠立学子们在新的一年里扬帆起航,继续劈波斩浪、奋勇向前。

“The beginning of the year is a good time of the year. It is for gatherings and banquets.” The wonderful activities brought a successful end to this semester. We are delighted to see that every Huili pupil has gained a lot from the Chinese New Year celebrations. Being a Chinese youth, every pupil demonstrated their cultural confidence. So may Huili pupils set sail in the new year, ride the waves and move forward bravely.


本学期另一个好消息是在上月结束的2021-2022年度美国“大联盟”(Math League)思维探索第一阶段活动中,小学高段的学生们取得了可喜的成绩。68位同学顺利进入第二阶段的活动,其中3位同学进入全国前8%,20位同学进入全国前25%,45位同学进入全国前50%。第二阶段的活动将于一月底进行,预祝各位同学再创佳绩。与此同时,五、六级的同学们也在积极备赛AMC8(美国数学邀请赛),他们将在1月22日参加比赛,我们期待能与大家分享更多好消息。

Upper Primary pupils also gained remarkable achievements in the first 2021-2022 Maths League phase. Sixty-eight pupils successfully entered the second stage of the activities, of which three pupils entered the top 8% nationwide, 20 pupils entered the top 25% nationwide, and 45 pupils entered the top 50% nationwide. The second phase of the activities will take place at the end of January. I wish all pupils good luck. Meanwhile, G5 and G6 pupils actively prepare for the AMC8 (American Mathematics Competition). They will participate in the competition on 22 January. We look forward to sharing more good news with you.



Huili School Hangzhou has been the test centre of the Maths League and AMC8, aiming to develop excellent bilingual learners in mathematics. We are delighted to see that more and more Huili pupils actively participate in international mathematics competitions, demonstrating a solid mathematical foundation and excellent bilingual ability. We hope that Huili pupils will always maintain their curiosity and be diligent in thinking and active exploration while constantly accumulating mathematical knowledge to discover and create more possibilities.



Tracey Zheng


Head of Primary




Lower Primary Matters





The last few days of our first term is as important as the beginning of the school year when everyone is filled with excitement and enthusiasm for what is to come. However, we must continue to maintain the levels of wellbeing we have instilled in our pupils during their first few months, to ensure that they are ready for their Chinese New Year break and confident in their transition back to school after. 



Towards the end of this term, our teachers work to keep their pupils motivated with extra incentives, such as engaging projects about Chinese culture and the traditions of the new year festivities. We also use this time to reflect on the learning that has taken place through our class celebrations, inviting families into school to share in these experiences. Some experts believe it is essential to get children’s ideas and input about what will help their energy during this time of year, and teachers should also continue in meetings and discussions with pupils about what is expected of them:  



What can you do/teach your class to finish the term successfully?



We use the children’s knowledge, their feedback and the understanding of the relationships that have been formed between the children and ourselves to choose our projects for the beginning of the next term and set our individual goals for when we return to school. The Chinese New Year gala and the celebrations on Friday are part of what inspire our children and remind them of our community.



I wish you a prosperous year of the Tiger, and we are looking very much forward to welcoming you back to our lower primary school on 14 February.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary




English Department Matters






Before you make your trip home, find a moment to take a stroll through our library and pick a read to immerse yourself in this holiday. Do make sure to complete assigned holiday tasks too.



Next term, the English staff will deliver a set of new SAs designed to push our students to showcase their talents. Next term, there will be two debate clubs, the first delivered by Mr Edwards and the second following the specific China United Nations model, run by Miss Taylor. Both will focus on hot topics and pressing issues from around the globe. Mr Speers will support our pupils who wish to continue participating in the World Scholars Cup. Ms Nugent will deliver a special and unique SA exploring the origins of fairy tales, inviting students to analyse their meanings. Mr Dean will lead a group of young aspiring writers to work on a Huili literary magazine, to publish the finished product. Finally, Ms Brookes will run a poetry club, allowing our students to immerse themselves in literature.



This is a reminder that all of this term’s writing competition winners are featured on Dukebox Radio. So please do tune in to hear how our students fared in the various competitions held over the semester.



Have a fantastic break. 



English Department





Sports Matters




On Saturday, the U14 boys’ football team and U14 girls’ netball team played away at Wycombe Abbey. Both our teams were dominant and showed immense improvements from their previous outings. The U14 boys won 4-0 with Kai as the man of the match. Another dominant performance was seen from our U14 netball team, who beat Wycombe Abbey 19-3. Next semester, the sports department will continue with extra training and arrange several fixtures in various sports. 


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport




Performing Arts Matters



We culminated this semester with our fabulous and superb Chinese New Year Gala 2022. Over 900 pupils from Wellington College Hangzhou took to the stage at three concerts between 20 and 21 January. Although we could not have our school community attending the concert in person, we had thousands of viewers online thanks to the live stream organised by our fantastic Marketing department. 





The performing arts department at Huili School Hangzhou would like to extend its most sincere gratitude to pupils, parents and colleagues for making this celebration a reality and an opportunity to welcome the Year of the Tiger with open arms. Happy New Year to you all.


Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts




Service Matters





Spring festival is coming, and the holiday atmosphere is all around the campus. The school hosted the annual lunar new year themed lunch. On Tuesday, the Sodexo team prepared a variety of traditional Chinese new year dishes for teachers and pupils, including sticky rice lotus root with sweet Osmanthus flowers, meatballs, spring rolls, and chicken with honey sauce. Through the special foods, pupils learned about the spring festival customs of different regions. The catering company hopes the tasty food can satisfy the pupils’ tastes buds and let them feel the spring festival will arrive soon.



Boarding pupils have enjoyed speciality breakfast each Friday since November. What a treat to sample foods from different areas of China each week for breakfast. The menu has included various dishes, such as Sichuan Dandan noodle and red oil dumplings, Shangdong sesame seed cake, Cantonese rice sausage, and Taiwan style Bean flower. A rich breakfast is a great way to start the day.




Service Team




Dukebox Matters





Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio throughout the week to enjoy various shows, including “Marty James breakfast show”, “The big yellow bus show”, “Motown/Rock shows” among others.



错过直播也不必担心,校园电台还有专属“回放”服务 。

Don’t worry if you missed any of the live shows as you can access them on our exclusive “Listen again” service.




Please have a look at some of the wonderful content available in our podcast section. 




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Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter