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每周快讯 | The Week Ahead



Message from the Principal



本周,初中部举行了为期四天的课程信息分享会, 九、十年级还邀请了家长们去学科教室体验学生的学习过程,相关老师为家长解答了具体问题。我们非常欣喜地看到家长们热情地参与此次课程分享会,并与学生共同体验学习的过程。

This week, junior high held four days of curriculum evenings. Parents of grades 9 and 10 were invited to visit the subject teachers’ classrooms to experience their students’ learning process and answer more specific questions. It was great to see parents enthusiastically participating in the sessions and experiencing the learning process with their students.



Enjoying positive emotional experiences and making learning a personalised process makes learning genuinely effective. Ulrich Boser, a senior researcher of the American think tank committed to studying the related aspects of learning ability, shared his research on effective learning with us in his book “Learn Better”.



学以致用 Learn to practise



Motivation is the ultimate motivation for learning activities, the pursuit of a sense of value is an essential human characteristic, and learning activities are thinking activities.



循序渐进 Step-by-Step  



Everyone needs a goal-oriented approach to learning, and effective learning requires basic skills and expertise. Emotional experiences significantly impact thinking activities, so we need to maintain a positive emotional state.



精益求精 Keep Improving



Mastering professional skills requires the use of the correct methods. The learning process must be a process of effort and confrontation of mistakes because it is the best learning opportunity.



格物致知 Knowledge acquired through experiential learning



Knowledge acquired through experiential learning is the continuous deepening and expansion of the field of knowledge. Only by adopting a learning method that unites knowledge with application/action can we creatively contribute to the refinement of knowledge.



融会贯通 Integration and mastery



Deeper Thinking is a key part of the learning process. Linking knowledge and skills to build a more profound knowledge and use it to solve practical problems.



温故知新 Review the old and know the new



Reviewing and reflecting on learning content from time to time is a way of thinking that ensures effective learning.




In such an era of rapid development of AI, each of us needs to be a lifelong learner, and each of us needs to make effective learning a habit.



Plum blossoms herald the rest of Spring, and auspicious snow omen is in Hangzhou. May you have a wonderful weekend.





Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters

WeChat Image_20220225133029.jpg


Getting ahead


I have often met with pupils and parents who have a clear idea of each learner’s university aspirations and possible careers. They are eager to start the journey towards their goals as soon as possible but do not always know how and where to begin. A great way to start is to indulge your intellectual curiosity and love of learning. Then, pupils can start exploring all these fantastic resources available to young learners.




Listen to University of Oxford podcasts (many interesting topics such as Inspiring Women in Science, Bioethics, the      Future of Business and more)


观看Ted演讲 ( 听数百名优秀的演讲者分享观点,探讨从气候变化行动到心理学、再到科技的演变等等话题)  

Watch a Ted Talk (hundreds of engaging speakers share their ideas from climate change action to Psychology to the      evolution of technology)


收听 "我们的时代 "播客(听关于思想史的讨论,含哲学、科学、历史、宗教和文化类相关主题)

Listen to In Our Time podcasts (discussions about the history of ideas - including topics drawn from philosophy, science, history, religion and culture)

希望学校社群的所有成员都去探索上述资源。如有学生或者家长想了解完善大学申请的方法,或希望学习更多内容,请联系高中部主任 Hatty Leung (hatty.leung@wellingtoncollege.cn)。

I encourage everyone in our community to investigate all the learning opportunities these resources offer. If any pupils or parents would like any further suggestions on action that can be taken now to enhance a university application or to learn for the love of learning, then please contact the Head of Sixth Form (hatty.leung@wellingtoncollege.cn).




Upcoming Events





Join the Study UK University Webinar Series to get an inside look into the UK’s higher education and discover your career roadmap. Featuring 50 speakers from 19 renowned institutions sharing inspiring stories and interactive talks for ten days. Register today using this link: 



Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters




The curriculum in Junior High ensures that we teach Chinese Compulsory Education and prepare and secure places in the top universities around the world. However, it can be a little daunting for parents to follow a path unfamiliar to their educational experiences. Therefore, we must share our curriculum journey with our school community. This week, we have enjoyed sharing our core subject curriculums for Grade 7-9 with our parents and pupils as we start our second semester and meet our parents and pupils of G10 for an additional Parent-Teacher Conference. Understanding what we teach and how we teach ensures that we work together to achieve the best outcomes for our pupils. 



We have a busy period with Careers Week, Science Week, Pi Day, Li House Charity Day, and Drama and Music Recitals throughout March. We look forward to sharing our photos with you and encourage you to discuss the events with your child.



Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters


This week started with our pupils attending their first weekly flag-raising ceremony. Everyone looked smart and stood with respect as they celebrated the academic achievements of our pupils and reflected on the importance of the Olympic Games. The Beijing Winter Olympics welcomed talented international athletes and provided a platform to showcase the spirit of togetherness. It is thanks to China that the games lifted the hearts of many nations. Here in Hangzhou, we were fortunate to be in the host country with our families, sharing the spectacle during our New Year Holidays.



Sporting and academic achievement is a priority here in Huili, and we have implemented many new processes this year to ensure that pupils are given every opportunity to succeed. In the spirit of togetherness, it takes a whole school community to provide pupils with the best education. Teachers collaborate, and pupils work together to develop their many skills and talents. 




Grade 3 were the first class to showcase their talents this week when they presented the first assembly of the semester. They welcomed all the new and existing pupils with a ‘Chinese New Year’s presentation. The children spoke with clarity and confidence. After this, there was a focus on the Huili value of ‘Respect’. 3A confidently illustrated what constitutes good and bad manners and finished with a song. 



It was a perfect introduction to the new semester as pupils have been asked to reflect on their independence and personal responsibilities regarding their learning environment. You may hear them talking about young pioneers, monitors and caring for their belongings as they develop good personal habits. 



Next week, we will be selecting our ‘Pioneers’, and we will continue to focus on our high expectations, especially as we receive important visitors into school. Our guests will be inspecting our provision - this process is called an ‘Annual Review’. We are confident that everyone will welcome our visitors with kindness and show them that we know what respect means to people and our environment. Ms Zheng and I are looking forward to visiting classes to see how good our teaching and learning are. 



I wish you all a restful weekend.


Jenny Stones


Deputy Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters




Within our community and journey through the Huili curriculum, we want our pupils to experience deep, sustained understanding to become happy and confident mathematicians throughout their learning and into their higher education and life. 



We nurture confidence and a love of mathematics to enable every child to reach their full potential through a positive, caring environment inspired by our pupils’ fascinations and passions. Our project based learning allows us to promote a ‘can do attitude to maths without fear of making mistakes. Pupils are given time, support, and resources to develop a depth of understanding in maths because we believe that every child is entitled to an excellent mathematical education.





The expectation is that most pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace. At the same time, pupils who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content. Those who are not yet sufficiently fluent with earlier material are given the opportunity to consolidate their understanding, including additional practise, before moving on.


在小学低年级部,除了每天的数学课外,在晨间课堂活动时间里,老师们也会为学生布置具有一定难度的数学学习任务。这是学校2021-22 学年针对数学学习实施的一项新举措,旨在培养学生扎实的数感,比如对数字的熟悉和运用能力。这些对学生未来的学习也将产生深远的影响,让学生们升入高年级时,有信心熟练运用数字、学习数学。

Teachers prepare daily challenges within our lower primary school during morning class activity time and their daily math lesson. It is a new initiative offered in 2021/22 for Excellence in the learning Mathematics. It aims to develop solid number sense, including fluency and flexibility with number facts, which will have a lasting impact on future learning for all children. The aim over time is that our pupils will leave our lower primary school with fluency in calculation, confidence and flexibility with numbers.



Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


With the first two months of 2022 having already almost passed us by, the Huili English department continues to be a hub of activity.



Of most importance this week is sending a thank you to those parents and pupils who attended our curriculum evenings and PTCs. It was a pleasure to see so many arrive ready to share success stories and targets for future goals. The interactive nature of the curriculum evening presentations allowed parents to see how vital a growing vocabulary is. Events like these are significant; they create a dialogue between the school and parents, help the Huili curriculum maintain its crucial impact and ensure the school community continues to thrive. 


English lunch club.jpg



A quick reminder that English Club offers safe, productive spaces to work towards students’ goals. These take place in CG309 Monday through Thursday. In addition to these, they can also get excited about an IGCSE English Prep course led by Ms Deacon on Mondays during lunch in CG333. Students should take advantage of these fantastic opportunities to immerse themselves in the schools’ huge variety of supportive, nurturing atmospheres.



Finally, there is still time to enter your persuasive ‘Down with the internet’ articles. Winning writers will receive a bundle of science fiction novels and the opportunity to share their work on DukeBox. In addition, articles written in this style will help our pupils prepare for their IGCSE English examination task, which is an excellent way to have fun and practice in unison.





English Department



Sports Matters




Next week, the U12 mixed touch rugby team will compete against Wycombe Abbey in a triangular competition, and the girls’ junior high badminton will compete against Hangzhou International School. A more detailed report on these fixtures will follow in next weeks’ week Ahead’.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters


Paul Roseby, director of the National Youth Theatre, says that arts are instrumental to academic achievement and personal development – and should be as important in schools as sport and academic subjects. According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will be the third most important skill in the jobs market. Complex problem solving and critical thinking are required for theatrical production or exhibitions. At Huili School Hangzhou, we have an excellent performing arts curriculum and program that offer our pupils to experience these skills through all grades. 



There are many reasons behind the importance of performing arts (music, dance, and drama). These disciplines are essential to enhance learning academic subjects like Mathematics, Science, and language. 



Music, Dance and Drama helps children to establish a positive learning state, create the desired atmosphere, build a sense of anticipation, change brain wave states, focus concentration, increase attention, improve memory, facilitate a multisensory learning experience, release tension, enhance imagination, develop rapport, and provide inspiration and motivation.





This week, our Upper Primary pupils experienced the world of Peking Opera, a performance art incorporating singing, reciting, acting, and martial arts. Outstanding professionals came to our school to provide a small experience of this vast world of music and drama. We had a terrific time connecting with our Chinese culture.


Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Community Matters




On 18 February 2022, the KingLead China International School Characteristics Ranking was released, the fourth year these annual rankings of Chinese International Schools have been published.



We proudly announce that Huili School Hangzhou has ranked in 2022 KingLead China International School Research Characteristics Ranking Top 60, Leadership Characteristics Ranking Top 50 and Artistic Characteristics Ranking Top 10.

(The selected schools are in no particular order)




Marketing Department





On the occasion of the 200-day countdown to the Asian Games Hangzhou on 21 February 2022, XSNET joined hands with Tianmu News and held a media convergence live streaming event across Zhejiang Province named “Visit the Asian Games Hangzhou venues with the Young friends”. An anchor co-hosted the event from XSNET with Mr David Mackinnon, Head of Pastoral of Wellington College Hangzhou. Guests invited included the venue supervisor who introduced features of the venues and projects, and officers from the Asian Games Office who talked about how Xiaoshan has been undertaking its duties to contribute to the Asian Games.



Marketing Department



Dukebox Matters




Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio  https://dukeboxradio.cn/


“回放”服务 “Listen again” service: 



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Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter