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Message from the Principal



Reading is like a wonderful journey that always brings us rich experiences. This week, the school celebrated Literacy Week. The theme this year was 'Out of this World'. Both the Primary and Junior High had many activities related to reading, storytelling, dialogue, reflection, and the future. We look forward to sowing the seeds of a love of literature in our pupils' minds through these activities and encouraging them to explore new areas of reading to provide motivation and nourishment for growth.




Today is Earth Day. To protect the earth, Huili pupils are taking action. The Huili Green Flea Market was held this week. Several junior high classes spontaneously set up a small band to perform and raise funds. All the money raised in this activity will be used for afforestation projects in Inner Mongolia. The Environmental Charity Committee is expected to raise enough money to plant a "Huili Forest" in Inner Mongolia. In the previous week ahead, I shared with you that university admissions officers pay great attention to pupils’ moral spirits, such as being responsible and altruistic, when checking pupils' application documents and during the interviews. We are proud of our pupils who have practised the spirit of taking responsibility and serving others and the community through their actions in recent weeks. 



We also have Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) this week, and I'm sure parents have already made appointments with their child's teachers for each subject. It is recommended that parents talk with their children about their recent learning and growth and learn from their child's perspective about their progress and areas that need to be developed. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to participate and support your child's growth. On the day of PTC, parents can bring relevant information to the teacher for in-depth communication, thus effectively enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the PTC.



Sincere greetings to Huili Community.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters



Supporting your child through the revision season



If I were given the option to return to school again, I would politely decline. I remember feeling that there was always more I could do, and therefore revision would never end. This time of year is stressful and difficult for pupils, and parents can often feel at a loss for how to support them. Here are some practical tips for helping your child through the revision and examination season:





鼓励孩子在合适的时间入睡,尽量不要晚于10点。做好睡前放松,睡前不使用电子产品。研究已发现睡前使用电子设备与睡眠质量不佳之间有直接联系。常识媒体(Common Sense Media)的一项调查显示,70%的孩子在睡前30分钟会使用电子产品,而36%的青少年半夜仍会使用电子产品。

Encourage your child to go to bed at a reasonable hour, no later than 10:00pm. Ensure that they have time to relax before heading to bed, and where possible, this relaxation activity should not include any screens. Studies have connected mobile device use before bed with poor sleep. In a survey conducted by Common Sense Media, it was found that 70% of children check their phones within 30 minutes before sleeping and that 36% of teenagers look at their phones in the middle of the night to check for something other than the time.


学习环境Study environment



Research has found that learning environments play a crucial role in pupil success. Pupils who study in a positive learning environment are more motivated and engaged and have higher overall learning abilities. Make sure your child has a comfortable, well-lit and clutter-free space to engage with their study materials.


感同身受的沟通Empathetic communication



Teenagers do not always share information about how their exams are going easily with their parents. Sometimes an innocent question can be seen as being nosey. Be patient with your child, remember how you felt when you were in the same position and listen to them. 


劳逸结合Avoid all work and no play



No one can study all day effectively without breaks. For example, it is far better for pupils to revise for 2 hours, take a 30-minute break, and return to revision for another 2 hours than it is for them to try and study for 4.5 hours straight. This is because it helps increase concentration ability and can help your body to recover. Promote taking well-timed breaks with your child. 


早餐的重要性Ensure your child eats breakfast



Research has shown that over 60% of teenage boys and 70% of teenage girls regularly skip breakfast. However, it would help if you encouraged your child to eat breakfast, as one study showed that children who missed breakfast performed worse in attention and memory tasks than those who had eaten breakfast.



Parents' role in a child's education must never be underestimated. Academic staff can provide the techniques and resources to help a learner with their revision, but the parents set the tone and attitude toward education at home.


活动预告 Upcoming Events


4月28日(周四)上午11点15分,来自伦敦艺术大学的嘉宾将为高一和部分初三的学生举办一场讲座。伦敦艺术大学在艺术、设计、时尚、传媒以及表演艺术等方面提供广泛的课程,在2021年QS 世界大学排名中,艺术和设计专业更是高居世界第二。如对活动感兴趣,可点击下列链接参加线上分享。

We will have a guest speaker from the University of the Arts London (UAL) speaking to our Grade 10, Pre A-Level and some Grade 9 pupils on Thursday, 28 April, at 11:15am. UAL offers an extensive range of art, design, fashion, communication, and performing arts courses. It is ranked second in the world for Art and Design in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. If you would like to join the event online, please click on the link below:





Six highly selective liberal arts and sciences colleges in the United States—Amherst, Bowdoin, Carleton, Pomona, Swarthmore, and Williams—are joining together to offer you an opportunity to connect with international admissions officers, learn about the upcoming application season, and have your questions answered. 



We are offering information sessions specifically for international pupils. Two sessions are available so that pupils from different parts of the world can attend at a time that works for them.


开始寻找学校 Starting the College Search:

4月28日早8点 (北美东部标准时间/加拿大时间)

28 April at 8:00am (Eastern Time US/Canada)


开始寻找学校 Starting the College Search:


11 May at 11:00am (Eastern Time US/Canada)


注册链接 Event registration: http://surl.li/btppw




Meet the Russell Group



All 24 of the UK's prestigious Russell Group universities will be available to meet at a virtual event for pupils, parents, counsellors, and teachers.


  • 日期Date:

    4月27日周三 Wednesday 27 April


  • 时间Time:

    12:00pm-14:30pm 英国标准时间 (分享会)

    12.00pm-14.30pm BST (information session)

    16:30pm-20:00pm 英国标准时间(与参会代表沟通)16.30pm-20.00pm BST (meeting representatives)



  • 注册链接Click on the link below to register:





Home Away from Home: Special Sessions for 

International Students and Their Families



Hear from the international admissions officers at our six schools about tools to help you navigate the US college search process. There will be time for questions and to meet with the admissions officer from each institution at the end of the program.



2022年4月28日 28 April 2022



上午8点(东部夏令时间)8:00am EDT


注册链接Click on the link below to register:



虚拟创意研讨会 Virtual Creative Workshops



Our international team and creative tutors will be hosting a series of virtual creative workshops in 2022. These interactive and engaging sessions will include practical workshops and art demonstrations to inspire you and a chance to ask questions or gain feedback on your artwork. Open to all, they are aimed at pupils, educators, and anyone interested in developing their creative skills.



To join one of the 2022 workshops, click the links below to learn more and register.



Upcycle a Men’s Shirt

  • Sarah Charles

  • 2022年5月3日, 3 May 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btnde


How to Build Your Winning Portfolio

  • Sarah Charles

  • 2022年6月8日, 8 June 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btndj



Colour – Your Personal Voice

  • Xavier Pick教授, Professor Xavier Pick

  • 2022年7月6日, 6 July 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btndu



The Magical Banyan Book Tree

  • Xavier Pick教授, Professor Xavier Pick

  • 2022年8月3日, 3 August 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btnea


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



Our bilingual literacy week is an integral part of our annual calendar, celebrating a love of both key languages in our school.  Pupils have participated in drama performances, read anywhere competitions, reading outside, dubbing competitions and a readathon.  Pupils have arrived to school on Thursday display a wide variety of book character dress up choices and it is wonderful to see them engaging in celebrating a love of all things literature based.



Next week Junior High are hosting our annual house singing event.  We look forward to listening and watching the phenomenal performances from our five houses.


Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters


在惠立,我们一直在思考一个问题,学校要把学生培养成什么样的人呢?除了卓越的学术成绩之外,我们希望学生毕业之后能继续以勇气、善良、尊重、正直、责任等惠立价值观来指引自己的言行, 同时追寻有目标和意义的人生,寻找和发现美好的事物,致力于改善公共利益。

At Huili, we have always been thinking about one question: what kind of people do we want our pupils to be in addition to academic excellence? We hope that our pupils will continue to use Huili values--Courage, Kindness, Respect, Integrity and Responsibility to monitor their behaviours after graduation while pursuing a life of purpose and meaning, seeking and discovering beautiful things and committing themselves to improve public benefits.


青蓝计划的发起就是为了更好的引导学生走出舒适区,承担更多的责任,为所处社区带来更多的积极影响。我特别欣喜的看到,青蓝计划的学生在导师的引领下开始积极寻求自我突破,对校园生活中的各类问题进行深入思考,结合自身的兴趣爱好和能力特点创造性地试着解决问题。 其中一位学生因为他非常喜爱著名的Roald Dahl系列图书,提出了建立一个由他组织的学生Roald Dahl Reading Club, 目的是为了让更多的同学爱上阅读,提升英语学习。大家通过共读同一本书,分享观点和阅读乐趣,从而帮助本班和同年级同学建立良好的阅读氛围。通过自己对阅读的热爱去带动其他同学的阅读兴趣,这位学生走出了舒适区,提升了自己的领导力,更为惠立社群的积极发展迈出了一大步。

The mentoring program was launched to positively guide pupils to walk out of their comfort zone, take on more responsibilities and bring more positive impacts to the communities in which they live. I am delighted to see that under the guidance of their mentors, the pupils of the mentoring program have begun to seek self-breakthroughs actively, have in-depth thoughts on various problems on campus and creatively solve problems based on their expertise and abilities. For example, one of the pupils proposed organising and leading a Roald Dahl Reading Club. He loves the famous Roald Dahl books. He aims to get more pupils to fall in love with reading and improve their English learning. By reading the same book together, pupils can share opinions and the fun reading. Therefore, they can create a good reading atmosphere in their class and across the year group level. He stepped out of his comfort zone while attracting more pupils to join the reading club by sharing his love of reading. After this, his leadership skills will be significantly improved. He has also contributed a big part to the positive development of the Huili community.




We have always focused on the overall development of Huili pupils besides their academic attainments, including high moral standards, kindness, leadership, learning potential and role modelling power.



Tracey Zheng


Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters



Wellbeing positively influences pupil attainment and achievement, and in return, experiencing success in learning strengthens pupil wellbeing. 



We understand the importance of the reciprocal and interconnected relationship between wellbeing and achieving academic excellence as lower primary educators through the Leuven wellbeing and involvement scales. Wellbeing, in our school, is a multi-faceted concept involving much more than just a pupil's health. It's a combination of their emotional, mental, and social health, and it also reflects how they respond to the environment, relationships, and happenings in their lives. 



With transitions in mind, helping pupils to feel connected and engaged in their learning, and collaborating effectively with families, enable us with the tools to support pupils in developing their social and emotional skills to grow into happy, respectful, well-balanced, and successful participants in their transition journey.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


Our Huili community had a splendid time during literacy week, and we are very proud of the pupils' participation and performances. We invite pupils to continue to take advantage of the newly launched JH Reading Area on the fourth floor that our JH Reading Club supports. This is the perfect spot to read – you can either select a book from the shelves or bring one of your own. Next week, the space will also feature displays from our Read Anywhere challenge.

We look forward to seeing how this space develops as the term progresses.




Finally, Thursday sees the continuation of Conversation Corner, which has already proved hugely popular. Research shows that immersion is the best way to acquire fluency in a second language, so come and chat with all your favourite English teachers.




English Department



Sports Matters



Unfortunately, we have been unable to host or travel to competitive fixtures due to restrictions. Although this is the case, our teams continue to train extremely hard within practices until competitive fixtures continue. 



The sports awards presentations will take place in June. We look forward to celebrating sporting success from this academic year.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters



Our second "Curriculum Enrichment Days" took place on Thursday and Friday this week. The Junior High pupils had the opportunity to work in film making and used skills and tools from the fields of Art, Drama, Music, and ICT.



The Curriculum Enrichment Days were led by the heads of departments from Art, Drama, Music, and ICT and fully supported by the Junior High staff members. Teachers and pupils worked on enriching the curriculum while meeting Chinese national curriculum requirements by working in creative teams.  



The pupils were directors, editors, artists, sound designers and voice actors. We are looking forward to sharing the product of this fantastic project very soon.


Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Dukebox Matters



Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio to enjoy various shows throughout the week. https://dukeboxradio.cn/ 



Listen from 9:00-12:00 every weekday for "Marty James Morning Show", "The big yellow bus show" at 6:00, Baz's Motown Classics at 18:00, Dukebox Best Ever Song Show at 20:00 and the Rock Show at 22:00.



Please click on the link below for the full schedule, https://dukeboxradio.cn/show-schedule/


错过直播也不必担心,校园电台还有专属“回放”服务 。点击相应活动日期和时间,开启回放。

Don't worry if you missed any of the live shows as you can access them all on our exclusive "Catch Up" service. Click on the date and time of the show you missed and "Listen Again".




Please have a look at the some of the wonderful content being created by our pupils and staff available in our podcast section: https://dukeboxradio.cn/podcast-archive/  



Please find below some of our ongoing podcast series and most recent episodes.




The Three Squirrels Show: 

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Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter