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26 December 2020

For the convenience of our pupils and parents, we provide a daily school bus service in cooperation with Hangzhou New Navigator School Bus Operation and Management Service Co., Ltd. There are 24 bus routes covering 79 stops for Academic year 2020-21, most living area of Hangzhou are covered.


Each bus is supervised by a School Bus Monitor, who is responsible for pupils’ safety and wellbeing during the journey, as well as managing the children's behaviour.


We aim to provide all pupils with safe and comfortable transportation experience. Pupils of Huili school can apply for school bus service. According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, pupils of Huili Nursery cannot apply for school buses.


School Bus Route

For a complete list of all bus routes, please contact the following departments;


– If you are a prospective parent, please contact the admissions department on 0571-8239-6388 or via email at


– If your child is currently enrolled in the school, please contact the service department on 0571-8239-6331/6338 or via email at


Registration process

The school bus registration takes place in summer, parents need to read School Bus Policy carefully, sign the confirmation of school bus policy, and fill out the School Bus Application Form. The scanned copy of the completed application form and the confirmation on school bus policy need to be sent to as registration.


Services team will send bus confirmation letter including bus details to parents once registration confirmed. The registration is based on the availability of routes and seats.


Parents who wish to apply school bus after the registration time can call 0571-82396338/0571-82396331 or email your inquiries. The announced time of each stop might change after buses started running. Once there are any changes made, we will notify pupils and parents in advance.


Bus fee

School bus fee is RMB9,500 per semester; RMB19,000 per year.

We will register your child’s seat based on the payment.


Guardian pick up

Parents/guardians should wear ID cards when they drop off and pick up their child(ren) at the bus stops. Parents/guardians are asked to ensure pupils are at the bus stop 5 minutes before the departure time.


The timing of afternoon school bus overlaps with the evening rush hour. The bus arrival time at each station depends on the road condition of the day and may not meet the arrival time of the school bus schedule. Parents can find the specific location of the bus through Public WeChat account “Here Come School Buses” to adjust the time to arrive at the stop.

Please email directly if you have any enquiries regarding bus routes.


The list of document for download:

Click here to download HSH School Bus Policy
Click here to download HSH School Bus Application Form
Click here to download Manual on “Here comes the bus”

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