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26 December 2020

Huili School Hangzhou has a uniform policy which all pupils and parents need to adhere to. We believe that our school uniform promotes a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between pupils. School uniforms are expected to fit the student appropriately and cleaned on a regular basis. Pupils are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean, unostentatious and professional manner at all times.


Our uniform is different for winter and summer time; pupils should therefore adhere to seasonal requirements. The school will inform parents with plenty of prior notice when summer uniform changes to winter uniform.  Uniform vendor doesn’t provide shoes.  For the regular uniform, please wear plain black shoes. Pupils can wear plain sports shoes when in PE uniform.



Uniform shop


The uniform shop is located in the west of the A building. It opens from Monday to Friday during term time. Hours of opening are 8:00-17:00. Please contact the uniform shop by 0571-82396397. The opening hour of uniform shop in the summer will be decided based on actual need and notified to parents by email.


Uniform purchase


Online school uniform shop open pre-order channels every June to July. Parents of new pupils may register with the invitation code of the school and log on to the online school uniform shop to purchase school uniforms for the whole year and delivered to home. It is convenient for children to have enough time and space to try on their clothes. If need to be changed, parents can change school uniforms online according to the information on the order. parents can also change and purchase the school uniforms directly at the school gymnasium (temporary venue) on the new pupils orientation day.


If parents need to add school uniform, You may buy them at school uniform shop or through online school uniform shop. The online retail time is from January to May and from August to December (except for winter and summer vacation). After successful purchase, the school uniforms will be delivered to home within 5-7 days.


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