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The Huili School Hangzhou educational model has been carefully crafted by educational specialist within Wellington supported by a wide range of Chinese and International experts; including university professors in China and England, prominent school leaders in China along with subject specialists from China and England.

Learning at Huili School Hangzhou is inspired by the following 3 principles:

•    The Huili Identity and Values
•    Bilingualism
•    Developing a deep understanding of the heritage and culture of China and using this to establish the aptitudes and skills needed to be a successful global citizen


Together these principles shape life at the College and inspire the entire community. To truly understand the educational model, it will be necessary to explore each principle more deeply.



At Huili School Hangzhou our unique approach to language acquisition comprises a 50/50 exposure to Chinese and English, fostering bilingualism and bi-literacy. In order to achieve our aims of bilingualism, we must be clear on establishing a Huili Hangzhou definition of what a bilingual learner is. We define a bilingual learner as an individual who is able to make a seamless transition between the two languages of instruction. A bilingual person can read, write, understand, think and speak (and even dream) in two languages without hindrance at all levels. This is to say that they are able to make the intercultural and linguistic transitions seamlessly, whether it be for study, business or leisure. Bilingual leaners will be able to think, dream and tell jokes in two languages.
The mastery of language is an exciting lifelong journey of discovery. We must remember that all journeys start with small steps, supported by guides who help us on the way. We must celebrate and relish each of those milestones. As pupils transition through the phases of language development from ‘the silent period’, through ‘early production’ and finally to ‘fluency’ and beyond, our unique approach is designed to structure their language learning and development. This begins from the pupil’s first days at the college and continues up to their final days with us and beyond.
Adopting a research-based approach to language acquisition, learning is carefully structured and provides personalised experiences coherently across the full breadth of the curriculum. Wellingtonians will not only be fluent in Chinese and English, but possess the technical language and cultural understanding to allow them to thrive as Chinese citizens learning and working in international contexts.
Chinese heritage and culture

An education at Huili School Hangzhou is strongly rooted in the traditional values and progressive approach associated with all Wellington College schools. The strength of our educational model is our authentic and close partnership with Wellington College in the UK that ensures the Huili values and identity are consistent across all our schools and form the fabric of every aspect of the College. Learning and development is fundamentally structured around our unique approach to providing the very best holistic education, including pastoral systems and boarding experience that are consistent with each Wellington College. 


Learning at Huili School Hangzhou is a rich fabric constructed with fibres that are inherently Chinese. An essential outcome from an education at Huili School Hangzhou is that pupils will have developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage and culture of China. We aim to cultivate pupils who are inspired by their home nation, who celebrate and passionately learn about their history and traditions, grow an understanding of what it is to be Chinese as well as embrace social practices and norms. Our pupils will utilise this strong sense of being Chinese as a prism through which to learn about and understand other cultures and develop the aptitudes needed to be successful global citizens. We take a Chinese perspective when constructing all aspects of life at the College.