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Primary School education at Huili School Hangzhou is founded on the vision and educational model for the College. The Huili Values and Identity shape the learning journey experienced by pupils, whilst themes of bilingualism and Chinese culture and heritage are central to the way the curriculum has been designed.


Learning in Primary School is designed to build upon the experience in the Early Years phase of the school. We know that learning is richest when it is meaningful and coherent. The Primary School’s curriculum is designed to ensure that there is a strong connection across all areas of learning. Pupils follow the Wellington College China immersion model in which pupils experience about 50% of their learning in Mandarin and 50% in English. However, the learning is connected so language acquisition is complimentary. This is achieved by using the Zhejiang Province and Chinese National Curriculum as a rigorous framework and weaving into this the very best bilingual and primary practices from around the world.


Pupils will study Mandarin, English, maths, sciences, arts and personal and social development through the very highest standards as set by Chinese National Curriculum from Hangzhou and the UK national curricula.


In Grades 1 to 3, learning in Mandarin and English is strengthened through a thematic approach in which teachers work closely together to ensure a seamless link between languages. Each theme promotes the rich literature, heritage and culture of China whilst also introducing pupils to global perspectives. This ensures pupil learning is transferable between subjects and languages. This deepens learning and sets the very strongest foundations for success along the education journey each child follows. Each theme is carefully selected and designed with specific reference to the needs of each pupil.


In Grades 4 to 5, pupil learning is structured around a rigorous study of subject areas with bilingualism woven into the curriculum in a unique and challenging way. Pupils will study a broad curriculum including Mandarin, English, maths, sciences, arts and technology related subjects with the opportunity for weaving learning together through a unique thematic approach within the curriculum. 


As pupils approach Junior High school whilst in Grade 6, learning is more structured around approaches to learning and curriculum content which is devised to establishing the characteristics, aptitudes and learning skills needed to excel in all curriculum areas. The curriculum is structured to prepare pupils for a demanding and challenging Junior High education.

Pupils benefit from entering the Huili School House system in Grade 4, where their personal development is supported through a House Master and tutor who plays a fundamental role in guiding pupil learning and progress along with social and emotional development. (See Pastoral Programme)



All pupils will have the opportunity to access enhanced educational experiences through Prep and Co- Curricular Activities (CCAs). For the older pupils in the Primary school, prep is an opportunity within the day when pupils can receive personalised individual learning opportunities which are designed to stretch and meet pupils’ needs. CCAs are a core component of life at Wellington College. They are central to our educational model and how we are able to realise our vision for a truly holistic education in which a wide range of aptitudes are developed through access to a plethora of educational experiences from the performing and visual arts, to sports, cultural classes and many more.
Pupils in the Primary School receive an education that is based on the Huili values and become Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual, Inclusive and prepared to thrive in Junior High school.