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Wellington College China Announces EdFest 2022's Five Strands

30 Nov 2021



The Wellington College China Festival of Education is set to return once again, from 16 to 23 April 2022. This is our annual opportunity to bring educators, parents and enthusiasts together to share ideas and learn about the latest developments in all things educational.


Today, we are excited to begin sharing the five strands that will drive discussions and debates throughout the Festival. Our first strand is 'Exploring education in China'.


Education has recently taken centre stage in China, with new policies intended to lighten pupils' workloads and return to the fundamentals of quality education, namely fostering talent through integrity. As the educational landscape in private schools in China continues to change and adapt, this strand will explore best practices and the possible implications of these changes while examining the future of education in China.


Keep watching this spot! In the coming weeks, we will be taking a look ahead at all the strands we will be exploring at the 2022 Festival of Education. Here is a quick look at what else is in store



Technology and education

This strand will explore how technology supports education, how effective and useful it really is and what trends might develop over the next 5-10 years.


Transition points in education

For many pupils, advancing from one phase of a school to the next can be a challenging experience. How do the very best schools and educators ensure that this transition is as smooth and seamless as possible for the pupils?


The Future is in our hands

What can our pupils and schools do in the fight to stop environmental destruction? In this strand, we look at areas such as sustainability and the impact that we all have in ensuring our schools are doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprints. 


Wellbeing and mental health

Wellbeing and positive mental health are paramount to a happy, safe and productive education. Through this strand, we will talk with a wide range of thought leaders on how we can better meet our pupils' wellbeing and mental health needs.  

Stay tuned for our ever-growing list of speakers. We invite you to learn more about the upcoming events and our past festivals through our mini programme. 


Limited pre-sale tickets for the live portion of the Festival and free seats for the virtual portion are available to book now. We look forward to seeing you!


Live Festival of Education

Saturday 16 April – Tianjin

Sunday 17 April – Hangzhou

Saturday 23 April – Shanghai



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Virtual Festival of Education

Monday to Friday 18–22 April 2022

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Sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities


The Festival of Education presents the opportunity to engage with an influential and progressive, educationally-minded audience in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We have many sponsorship options for this event. Each one offers a platform to network and promote your organisation to educators and the wider community. 


Contact hangzhou@festivalofeducation.cn to receive our partnership proposal.