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Registration is now open for our virtual EdFest

24 Jan 2022


Wellington College China's annual Festival of Education is returning soon! Now in its sixth year, this is one of China's leading forums for educators, parents and general enthusiasts to share insights on everything, from new teaching methodologies, the latest educational policies to personal career development. Building on the tremendous success of last year's Festival, the 2022 EdFest promises to reach an even larger audience and cover a wider variety of topics, with another series of virtual events that are free of charge and open to all.


A huge welcome to those interested in taking part in our Festival of Education, taking place this coming April. Our aim, as always, is to provide an insight into the world of education and focus on key areas which we as educators feel are crucial in 2022.  Whether this is a clearer understanding of pupils’ wellbeing and mental health, more clarity on the effects of transition from one grade to another (one school to another), the impact of modern technology on their lives or the role they can play in sustainability in the environment, we are confident that there will be something for everyone. Our live audience can take an active role in discussions, debate and listen to more formal presentations in Chinese and English. Our online audience from around the world can log in to the sessions they are particularly interested in and take part virtually from afar.  As we always say at EdFest – come and join the debate.

——Paul Rogers, Festival Director



Virtual Festival of Education

Monday to Friday 18-22 April 2022

Our virtual events are open to all and admission is free


Scan the QR code to register for the virtual Festival of Education  



We are currently assembling an outstanding roster of guest speakers who will explore the EdFest's five strands. You can read all about this year’s keynote speakers in our previous article. Today, we are taking a look at a few of the speakers who will be joining us online in our virtual Festival.






Julian has 16 years’ experience working in education in China, including nearly a decade with Harrow Beijing and the British Council. He is the Vice Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and Chair of the Chamber’s Education Forum, which drives initiatives such as Employability Week and the Young Professionals Development Programme. He is also a mentor for Durham University, former president of the China North Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a strategic advisor for the innovative edtech platform Globiliti. In his talk entitled ‘International Education in China’, he will take a look at the past, present and future of international education in China, from the imperial examinations to the double reduction policy.







Scott Hayden is a teacher and manager of a student-turned-technologist team that supports and trains all learners and staff in using digital, creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. He is also a Google Certified Innovator, a National Teaching Awards Silver Winner, and a National Advisor for EdTech UK. In his talk, he will discuss some of the latest educational innovations as well as the importance of digital wellbeing. What is the effect of having such a strong digital footprint for us as individuals and educational organisations and how can we cope with this to ensure our own ongoing positive mental health?







Tingting Chen provides art therapy and mental health counselling services to clients and their families. She is one of the few US-registered art therapists who are bilingual and practicing in China. In her talk, she will explore changes and transitions during challenging times. Change and transition are natural parts of life, and they elicit different responses from different people. Ms. Chen will discuss the benefits of art therapy, and how art can help children to cope with changes and transitions. More importantly, educators and parents will learn some creative strategies and activities to support children in challenging times.







Peter Milne has over 25 years’ experience as a teacher, environment coordinator, workshop leader and educational consultant. He has worked in the UK, Malaysia and Dubai. In his talk, he will discuss the importance of educating children on climate change and sustainability. He will offer practical solutions that can be achieved through whole-school engagement and community outreach initiatives.







George Peterkin is an experienced teacher. In 2018, he created Mind Your Health Ltd. to provide professional training in mental health awareness and first aid intervention to pupils, teachers and parents. He works and continues to train as a counsellor, bringing his knowledge and experience to educational institutions. Mr Peterkin wants to reduce the stigma around mental health while also instilling in people the confidence to take charge of their own wellbeing.


In his talk entitled 'Youth Mental Health Awareness', he will offer a sampling of his 'Mental Health First Aid' course as he introduces several key concepts of mental health in young people. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what mental health is and why it is so important for us to maintain it. Mr Peterkin will also discuss the potential risk factors to a young person’s mental health and how to prevent them from taking hold. His talk will also cover the early warning signs of poor mental health and how we can intervene to give initial aid to a young person who may be struggling.

A full Festival programme and list of speakers for both our live and virtual events will be announced soon.

Seats are available for the live portion of the Festival and tickets are limited. 

The virtual portion of the Festival, however, is open to all. Seats are unlimited and completely free of charge. We look forward to seeing you in person or online.

Live Festival of Education

Our live events are an opportunity to engage with passionate education professionals in person. 

Seating is therefore limited.


Saturday 16 April – Tianjin 

Sunday 17 April – Hangzhou 

Saturday 23 April – Shanghai 


Scan the QR code to buy the tickets for the live Festival  


Sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities

The Festival of Education presents the opportunity to engage with an influential and progressive, educationally-minded audience in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We have many sponsorship options for this event. Each one offers a platform to network and promote your organisation to educators and the wider community.


Contact hangzhou@festivalofeducation.cn to receive our partnership proposal