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Huili pupils win multiple top prizes in the UKMT Competition

25 Mar 2022

On 4 February 2022, the UK Intermediate Mathematics Competition (UKMT-IMC) took place. 37 Junior High pupils participated in the competition together with over 700,000 pupils from various schools worldwide.



We are pleased to announce that the results of UKMT-IMC  for Junior High Huili are outstanding. 34 pupils successfully gained a prize, which is 91.9% of all participants. These included 14 Gold, 11 Silver, and 9 Bronze prizes. The winners are:



It is worth mentioning that Solar Z from Grade 9 received full marks and was crowned number one in the world. It is challenging for candidates to receive full marks in any contest. It requires candidates to master excellent maths skills and stay calm and composed during the competition. Congratulations to Solar.



The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) was established in 1996, attracting more than 700,000 pupils from more than 6,000 schools in the UK and worldwide every year. It is the largest and most influential maths competition in the UK. UKMT encourages pupils to develop logical reasoning skills and basic mathematical methods to solve various problems.

The Junior Mathematics Competition (JMC) takes place in April. Please note that the registration information will be sent out soon if you would like your child to participate.