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Exploring Huili | All roads lead to our campus

22 Sep 2022

We are delighted to announce that the new metro line is open adjacent to our campus, an excellent addition to our well-connected transportation network. 


Hangzhou Metro Line 19



< 10 minutes to the Xiaoshan International Airport

< 15 minutes to the Xiaoshan East Railway station 

< 30 minutes to the West Lake

< 40 minutes to the Hangzhou West


Hangzhou Metro Line 19, a major line that goes through the whole area of Hangzhou city, has officially opened for passengers. Line 19 metro allows you to transfer to lines 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. Some popular stations on the Line are West Railway Station, East Railway Station, Zhixing Road station and Xiaoshan International Airport. Pupils, parents and staff can now access Wellington College Hangzhou campus by metro, thanks to the Zhixing Road station being just five minutes away on foot. What a pleasant addition to making our neighbourhood even more accessible. 

The new metro line allows us to reach the Xiaoshan International Airport within 10 minutes and the Xiaoshan East Railway station in 15 minutes. We welcome friends from around China into our warm and inclusive community through the convenient public transportation that has made us a hub for cultural exchanges. For a feast of natural wonders, the Line takes you to the riverside of Qiantang River to enjoy its breathtaking tidal bores within 12 minutes and to appreciate the alluring scenes of the renowned West Lake within half an hour. There are also many compounds and houses along the Line, providing great convenience for the families of our community. 



A metro station is a cherry on the cake to the well-connected surrounding area.


Besides the new subway line, Wellington College Hangzhou boasts a closely connected transportation web that embraces families from all directions around the city. As a result, coming to the campus has now become an increasingly relaxing experience. 



Tangxin Overpass 

from the downtown and the southern area of Xiaoshan 


The Tangxin Overpass connects to a trunk line named Hong15 to the north and the local town of Linpu to the south. It is an essential north-south corridor in the eastern part of Xiaoshan that links Linpu, Xiaoshan downtown and Yipong and is vital to a fast road network. It reduces the drive time from Xiaoshan downtown to Wellington College Hangzhou to 18 minutes. 



From: Yinglong Department Store at Xiaoshan downtown 

To: Wellington College Hangzhou 

Time on road: 18 minutes 



Xiaoshan Airport Expressway 

in Binjiang direction 


The Xiaoshan airport expressway is the major road connecting the downtown area and the sub-centre of Hangzhou city with Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, the Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster, and the Airport New City. A 21-minute drive on the expressway can take you from the Xixing bridge to the campus.  



From: Xixing Bridge at Binjiang District 

To: Wellington College Hangzhou 

Time on road: 21 minutes 



Rainbow Expressway  

Xintang Overpass from the south of Binjiang district


The Rainbow Expressway extended to Xiaoshan District in July, rendering it a highspeed road that runs south of Hangzhou city and links the major sectors of Fuyang, Zhijiang, Binjiang and Xiaoshan. It is also connected to the Tangxin Overpass east of Wellington College Hangzhou, presenting yet another choice to access the campus.  



From: Jianghui Road in Binjiang District 

To: Wellington College Hangzhou 

Time on road: 26 minutes 


With an inter-connected network of the newly added metro line and the established expressways surrounding the campus, Wellington College Hangzhou will continue to be a charming destination for families from various city districts worldwide.