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Huili School Activities: November

06 Dec 2022


Studies by researchers in the US and The Netherands find that regular participation in high-quality afterschool programs is linked to significant gains in standardised test scores and work habits and that there is a positive relationship between emotional and psychological wellbeing and academic achievement. 

Since its establishment, Huili School Hangzhou has had a wide range of School Activities (SAs) that supplement and enhance life at the school. The academic, creative, performing arts and physical SAs at Huili allow pupils to extend and challenge their learning and development while also creating opportunities to nurture talent and foster excellence in fields beyond those encountered in the exam hall. The interactions and outcomes of our SA activities enhance the sense of achievement among pupils, thus helping pupils develop into talented individuals with our school identities - inspired, intelligent, independent, individual and inclusive. Furthermore, the experiences gained through SAs can help children learn to adapt to challenging situations and build mental resilience, which is also a great addition to college applications. 

Some of our SAs are divided into entry or intermediate levels to cater to the needs of our pupils in different age groups. In our SAs every semester, we support our Huili pupils to realise individual development and explore their potential and new possibilities. Pupils have made continuous progress and astonishing outcomes in their SAs year after year. Some have competed on a global stagesome performed in choir, orchestra and musicals, and some proved themselves in sports fixtures, all of which show the SA legacy we have carried forward and the recognition gained. In a few months, SA learning outcomes this year will be presented by the end of this semester, rendering a more systematic presentation of pupils’ learning. 

Today’s article will take you to see some of the SA highlights and achievements here at our campus in November and find their positive meanings and far-reading influence on our pupils.  


Academic SAs

Academic SAs enhance curriculum learning by offering a range of opportunities for participants to apply their academic knowledge and skills in new, exciting, and novel ways. 

Science competition

This month, our pupils have been focusing on the preparation for 2022 Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad in December, a famous competition for middle school pupils hosted by the Chemical Institute of Canada. It will be an unforgettable experience for our children to meet their peers with similar interests.  

Reading comprehension


The Adventures of Pinocchio is the most famous fiction in the world. Pinocchio is a cultural icon and one of the most reimagined characters in children’s literature. Every week, our teacher lead the pupils to read the book chapter and answer the questions based on the text.  

Chinese Poetry Appreciation-Mind Map

Chinese poetry has a long and storied history. Learning ancient poetry can not only cultivate pupils’ ability to appreciate poetry but also improve their aesthetic taste. Our teacher in lower primary has adopted a mind map to guide pupils to enjoy the Chinese traditional culture.  


Olympic Math 


Pupils start their maths journey guided by our teachers. Every session will be an adventure to explore the mystery of numbers, sequencing and subtraction. 


Creative SAs

Creative SAs are opportunities that demand creative thinking and creative skills. They enhance pupils’ ability to make connections, ask questions, and observe the world around them to discover new and exciting ways of doing things.   

Gold Enamel Painting


It is a lesson for pupils to enjoy making a type of traditional cultural painting. They also need to learn how to use tweezers and gold wires. At the end of the semester, they will use sand to decorate and polish their own productions. What pupils practice in this SA are concentration and patience. 




In this SA, pupils will learn many photography skills such as symmetry, miniature taking and photo walking. At the end of the lesson, pupils will use what they have learned from the class to take their best shot.




We are glad to open Gardening for our pupils this semester. In their project, they planted the peony, strawberries, plum blossoms, etc. We can expect to see the blooming flowers. 


Performing Arts SAs

Performing Arts SAs offer various extra-curricular opportunities to extend pupils’ talents and broaden their abilities. These activities give opportunities for pupils to showcase their skills and serve as crucial building blocks in developing the confidence, mindfulness and courage required for success in all aspects of life.  


K-pop Dance

K-pop dance is one of the most popular dancing activities, where children learn dance moves and extend their talent and passion for K-pop music guided by teachers. 




Orchestra combines different families of instruments with an extremely powerful and extensive musical expression. Normally orchestras play classical music or accompany operas, and sometimes accompany popular music; nowadays, many modern orchestras also accompany movies and produce soundtracks for movies. Conducted by our Performing Arts teacher, WCH Orchestra is playing a classic violin concerto. 

Physical SAs 

Skills developed during physical SAs include teamwork, hand-eye coordination and communication, a sense of fair play, resilience, and leadership. In addition, encouraging our children to take up physical activities as hobbies is essential to helping them grow into healthy adults.  




Rugby as a close-contact team sport can train the pupils with teamwork and physical skills.




Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since Tokyo 1964.    


Ultimate Frisbee


It has become popular in China in recent years. It is a challenging and competitive sport. Ultimate frisbee is unlike most sports, as it relies on the sportsmanship of players and invokes the "Spirit of the game" to maintain fair play.  


There are also many other highlights in Chinese Painting, STEAM, Swift Playground, Lego Engineering, and Wooden Work. Let us take a look. 

For more recent highlights, please click the picture below to check our SA highlights in October.