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All about Huili School Hangzhou

16 Feb 2023

Located in the Xiaoshan Science and Technology Polis, Huili School Hangzhou, a member of Wellington College Hangzhou, envisions providing a world-class international bilingual education ranging from early years to sixth form for pupils aged 2- 18 through the Huili values that originated from Wellington; of courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility. Enabling pupils to become accomplished global citizens with confidence in their national and cultural identity as well as developing international perspectives which are inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive, of the Huili identity.  

Our Heritage 


The Story of Wellington College China 

Wellington College in England was founded by Queen Victoria in 1859 as a national monument to Britain’s most renowned military figure, the Duke of Wellington, Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, a statesman and soldier who also served the country with distinction twice as Prime Minister. The College is one of the most respected schools in the United Kingdom and one of its greatest educational institutions, pioneering, innovating and transforming education for children.  

Recent research by a leading UK consultancy into the educational background of world famous people listed in the data publications, Who Was Who and Who’s Who, revealed that 14% graduated from ten private schools in the UK.  Wellingtonians were some of the most influential figures in politics, economics, culture, science and technology with 173 alumni featured in the abovementioned publications.  The College’s academic standard is among the highest in the UK and has resulted in a significant number of outstanding graduates attending prestigious institutions of higher learning such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

In 2009, Wellington College China was established and after years of research, Huili was created to promote bespoken bicultural education for pupils in China with the aim to become the leading bilingual school and education group in the world.   

Academic Excellence 

Enrolment at top-ranked universities has long been perceived as the fundamental measure  of the teaching quality of a school. Pupils in Wellington College China have attained academic excellence and are on their way to achieving amazing success at some of the world’s best schools. In 2022, 28% received offers from the world’s top 10 universities and 46% received offers from the world’s top 30 universities. These include Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League universities. 

Academic excellence of Wellington College Hangzhou 



Pupils from Wellington College Hangzhou have outperformed numerous international top schools worldwide. The UK average of A*-C grades was 73% compared to our own results of 93%. We are also confident that our new sixth form pupils in our Hangzhou campus will achieve academic excellence in the near future.


Our Teachers  

Members of our academic team in Wellington College Hangzhou have rich teaching backgrounds with an average teaching experience of over ten years, they lead a team of outstanding educators recruited from within China and around the world. We are committed to supporting and challenging our academic staff to be innovative in their work through the very highest professional learning programmes. Over 60% of the Chinese staff have master’s degrees with over 50% of them having overseas learning experience. More than 70% of the expatriate staff come from the UK. Some teachers having graduated from QS ranking top 100 universities including Harvard University, Cambridge University, King's College London, University of Pennsylvania, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, University of Hong Kong, and Zhejiang University.  Our own Wellington College China, Huili Institute of Learning will deliver many of these training programmes to ensure that our teachers continue to harness their work as educators, informed by the very highest quality research and practices from around the world. 


Curriculum Overview 

At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, we have merged the English Early Years Foundation Stage and the Chinese Curriculum (aged three to six years) guidelines. The result is an encompassing curriculum and Huili framework for teaching and learning. There are seven areas of learning and development that shape our educational programmes. The three prime areas are personal, social and emotional development; communication and language; and physical development. The four specific areas are literacy, mathematics, understanding of the world and expressive arts and design.  

At Huili primary, pupils will study Chinese, English, maths, sciences, arts and personal and social development through the very highest standards as set by the Chinese national curriculum from Hangzhou and the UK national curriculum. Pupils follow the Wellington College China immersion model in which pupils experience approximately 50% of their learning in Chinese and 50% in English. The learning is connected so language acquisition is complimentary. 


Junior High is a middle school, bridging between Huili School Hangzhou Primary and Sixth Form, consisting of Grade 7, 8 and 9. The Huili Junior High curriculum follows the compulsory Chinese curriculum with the addition of an adapted version of the English secondary school national curriculum.  The content of the Chinese compulsory education focuses on the core principles for each subject, as identified by the Zhejiang Province education bureau. Each subject has merged these core principles with the unique Huili bilingual model to produce a robust, broad and effective curriculum to ensure that children are prepared for their future educational success. 

At Wellington College Hangzhou Sixth Form we are proud to offer the highly regarded A Level (Advanced Level) academic programme, an English qualification recognised across the globe for being excellent preparation for university. We organise Pre A Level courses for pupils not familiar with international courses in their junior high learning. Pupils will study three IGCSEs and four A Level Foundation courses, where Physics and Chemistry are compulsory.  

Our Enrichment Opportunities 

Life at Wellington College Hangzhou is certainly busy whilst being extremely engaging and rewarding. Our pupils are challenged and extended to reach their potential. The opportunities are plentiful and eye-opening. Click the video below to see some of the highlights in 2022 of Huili School Hangzhou.  




Our Wellbeing Programme and Child Protection  

In 2006, Wellington College introduced Wellbeing as a compulsory subject sitting alongside English, the sciences and maths as part of the core curriculum. In doing so, Wellington became pioneers of positive education, an approach that values the happiness of young people to the same extent as their academic success. The wellbeing curriculum teaches pupils how to flourish. Flourishing involves living life with purpose and aspiration, finding those things that fill it with meaning, forging strong reciprocal relationships with others, engaging in life’s tasks to the best of one’s ability and having the strength of character to be resilient in the face of adversity. The programme is designed to address issues children will face as they grow and mature. The programme of study we follow at Huili School Hangzhou is a blend of the PSHE program from the UK and the Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) from Australia, made up of three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships, and living in the wider world. 

All members of staff (academic, non-academic and visiting vendors) understand the central importance of this commitment and will undergo annual training in safeguarding young people. They will also be required to read and sign the Wellington College Hangzhou Safeguarding Policy and Staff Code of Conduct annually. The school adheres to the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP) for its recruitment.  

Authentic British Boarding Experience 

Wellington College has a deep tradition of boarding; it is an extension of our educational model and central to becoming a Wellingtonian. At Huili School Hangzhou we seek to bring together the very best boarding practices to create an environment in which our pupils thrive. At Huili School Hangzhou, boarding is available to pupils in grades 3 and above in our boarding house. Pupils will have access to personal and social development activities supported by the boarding mentors, along with opportunities to enhance their exploration of sport and the arts. A rich and structured programme will inspire, support and challenge pupils. They will be encouraged to develop socially, academically, spiritually and morally as they foster a culture of independence. 


Our Facilities
In keeping with our commitment to a holistic education, Wellington College Hangzhou is situated on a purpose built, state-of-the-art campus containing all of the facilities required to provide pupils with access to the very best academic and co-curricular opportunities. The appearance and design of the building is inspired by the distinctive architecture at Wellington College in England.  


How to apply 

We follow the admissions regulations and guidance from the relevant departments. To complete an application form for Huili, we politely ask that you follow the procedures detailed below: 

1. Please add the WeCom account of our admissions team for 1:1 enquiry.   

2. Make an appointment for campus tour and learn more about the Huili values and identities, our vision and mission, and our educational ethos. 

3. Submit the required application documents.

4. Family interview.

5. Inform families of the enrolment decision. 

After completing the above steps, our admissions team will continue supporting you through the following process. According to the requirement from the Hangzhou education bureau, families applying for grades 1 and 7 need to sign into the Hangzhou compulsory education enrolment system and complete registration. For more information about Huili School Hangzhou, please contact our admissions team through our official WeCom account, phone or email.

Phone:0571-8239 6388

Email: admissions.hsh@huilieducation.cn