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100% Grade A Mathematics Results for Sixth Form Pupils at Wellington College Hangzhou

06 Mar 2023


This week brings much cause for celebration as our Lower Sixth pupils have received their results for their Pure Mathematics 1 AS module, and we are thrilled to announce that they achieved 100% A grades (highest grade awarded in AS), with 76% of the pupils achieving full marks; this being a remarkably impressive statistic. These results will make up a part of each pupil’s Mathematics A Level grade and can be proudly declared in their university applications. The success is due to a combination of hard work and dedication from the pupils, as well as the knowledge and support of their teachers. Their achievement is an example of the great potential that can be unlocked when we work together and serves as an inspiration to others.

A Level Mathematics is one of the most widely accepted and respected subject choices by universities. The world’s best universities value Mathematics A Level above other subjects. It is a prerequisite for many top-tier degrees, especially for those highly competitive undergraduate courses like Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Business, Economics and Finance etc.

What is AS?

A Levels are studied over two years, with the first year known as the AS year, covering half the content of the full A Level. AS exam is an external examination with Pearson Edexcel, an examination board that serves a global community of over 3.4 million learners from 6500 schools in 120 countries. The complete AS Level syllabus content is highly valuable. AS and A Levels generally require a high cognitive ability, in-depth subject knowledge, technical skills, independent thinking and the ability to make judgements, recommendations and decisions.


Our exemplary students of A Level Mathematics are clearly well underway in developing an impressive set of transferable skills. Working with mathematical information, as well as the ability to think logically and independently, consider accuracy, model situations mathematically, analyse results and reflect on findings.

We eagerly look forward to the summer when we hope to proudly post more exceptional results for our pupils. We sincerely expect grades that equate to their peers in the finest schools in the UK.


Effective study and guidance at AS and A Level help prepare our Sixth Form pupils intellectually and personally for future studies, the working world, and life in general. Furthermore, we envisage Wellington College Hangzhou’s first Sixth Form cohort and very special A Level graduates of 2024 will succeed in winning places at the world’s best universities.