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Huili School Jiashan and Nantong are set to open in 2022

12 Mar 2021


Following the success of our Huili Schools and Nurseries in Shanghai and Hangzhou, at Wellington College China we are thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong. Set to open in 2022, these new schools will offer a Huili education to around 2000 pupils in each school.



In keeping with the Wellington College China brand, these new schools will adhere strictly to Huili's vision of inspiring pupils to become intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. Both schools are committed to offering a world-class bilingual education experience that is fully compliant with Chinese education standards while blending the best of British and Chinese pedagogies. By instilling in our pupils the Huili Values of Courage, Integrity, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility – these new schools will develop passionate, lifelong learners who will one day contribute to the prosperity of the Yangtze River Delta and the rest of China.


Huili School Jiashan 


Huili School Jiashan

Huili School Jiashan will offer a 12-year education covering Primary School, Junior High and High School with boarding options available for pupils of Primary School ages upwards. The campus will have a total planned area of 57,874m² with an enrolment capacity of over 1700. In keeping with Wellington College China's high standards, the school will feature (among other things) state-of-the-art teaching areas, impressive boarding accommodations, an indoor sports hall, various specialist laboratories, two swimming pools, libraries and an outdoor football pitch. Huili School Jiashan is set to open in September 2022.


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Huili School and Nursery Nantong


Huili School Nantong

Huili School Nantong will offer a 12-year education covering Primary School, Junior High and High School with boarding options available for pupils of Primary School ages upwards. In addition to serving pupils in grades 1 through 12, Huili School Nantong will also feature a bespoke Nursery for children aged 3 to 6. Designated to be Wellington College China’s largest school, the campus has a total planned area of 80,000m² and an enrolment capacity of over 2000. 


The school will also feature independent learning areas, boarding accommodation, science laboratories, a performing arts centre and a sports complex complete with an indoor sports hall, swimming pools and football pitch. Huili School Nantong is set to open in September 2022.


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Huili School Nantong


Huili Nursery Nantong

Both of these new schools will follow the Chinese national curriculum and incorporate additional elements from the National Curriculum for England and the International Primary Curriculum at the Primary School and Junior High levels. They will adopt an international curriculum framework at the Senior High level. In line with requirements set by the Chinese government for educational programmes, Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong also will incorporate special school-based subjects such as performing arts, sport, pastoral care and an extensive co-curricular programme to ensure that pupils get the most out of their study at Huili.



Thanks to Wellington College China's network of talent, Huili School Jiashan and Huili School  Nantong will receive full support from the group. One of the key priorities will be to ensure that both schools are staffed with the very best teachers, from within the group and beyond. A founding team is currently preparing for the schools’ openings. Mr Paul Rogers, Founding Executive Master of Wellington and Huili Hangzhou, has also taken up a new appointment as the Executive Master and is overseeing the development of  both schools. Mr Rogers says:




Huili’s commitment to providing a blended educational experience with the best from both the East and West is truly unique. The schools' vision, emphasis on a strong school culture and its well-established and strong curriculum will allow pupils to reap the benefits from the Chinese ‘education without distinction’ philosophy while honing their skills further with the more personal support they receive from our skilled teachers. Like other Huili schools, Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong adopt a well-established co-teaching’ practice, under which pupils receive support from both Chinese and Western teachers within many subject areas. These measures provide a fantastic opportunity for pupils to truly get the best from both worlds. I believe this is one of the key areas that makes our Huili schools so unique and of such high quality.

Why Huili?

01|A truly holistic education experience

Our Huili schools are committed to providing a truly holistic education experience. Our co-curricular activities (CCA) programme allows pupils to pursue their hobbies and discover new interests. Pupils in grades 1 upwards have access to many enriching academic, artistic and athletic pursuits. Whether it is football, fashion illustration, archery or Chinese calligraphy, the CCA programme at Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong will keep pupils stimulated, challenged, curious and engaged.



02|A 'home away from home' educational experience

Like our other schools within the Wellington College China group, Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong will feature a house system. Each pupil’s house will be their home throughout their time at Huili. They will have the opportunity to represent their fellow housemates by putting their skills and knowledge to the test in regular inter-house competitions. Meanwhile, they will gain a sense of community and belonging as they benefit from Huili's unique pastoral care.



Moreover, their boarding programmes will provide pupils with a supportive and caring environment in which they will develop socially, academically, spiritually and morally. Pupils will learn to become independent and resilient while cultivating empathy and compassion for others. They will forge lifelong friendships and grow to become global citizens equipped with the skills to thrive in the world.


03|Outstanding exam results and university offers

Since its establishment in 2011, Wellington College China’s schools have seen consistent and exceptional results from their pupils. Our Tianjin ‘A’ level pupils, for example, have achieved 74% A*/A, while our pupils from Wellington College Shanghai have also achieved an average point score of 38.5. In 2020, 40% of all Wellington College China’s graduates secured offers from the world’s top 10 universities.



Both Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong will have high teacher-to-pupil ratios to ensure that all pupils get the attention and support they need to achieve these levels of success. Both schools will also feature specialised academic and university guidance teams.

If you would like to learn more about Huili School Jiashan and Huili School Nantong, please scan the QR codes to complete and return the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Huili School Jiashan


Huili School Nantong


Huili Nursery Nantong