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Message from the Principal




This week new members of the Senior Leadership Team participated in the induction arranged by Wellington College China, which included the school vision and mission, cross culture communication, school leadership and management.



Huili School Hangzhou is a bilingual school where the focus of school development is building a Chinese and international management team and teaching team. We not only provide a comprehensive career development pathway for teachers, but also attach great importance to the professional development of the management team. Persistence makes perfect. The school management team will always maintain a modest attitude, spirit of lifelong learning and exploration. We are dedicated to practicing Huili values and supporting pupils and school’s development.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou




Sixth Form Matters

我们经常会讨论到如何在大学申请中能脱颖而出。为此,我们邀请加州大学圣克鲁兹分校招生官Skye Zhang 女士于10月28日(周四)向十年级和A Level预备课程的学生们分享她是如何在大学申请过程中做决策的。分享会内容如下:

We often talk about how to make a strong application to universities and we are lucky to have Skye Zhang, an admissions officer from University of California, Santa Cruz, share how she makes her decisions. She will be talking to our G10 and Pre A Level students on Thursday 28th October about:


  • 美国大学申请体系

    US application systems

  • 大学招生官看的是什么

    What admissions officers look for in an application

  • 美国的大学是怎样的

    What to expect from American universities

  • 加州大学圣克鲁兹分校的生活

    Life at UCSC






In 2019, UC Santa Cruz was ranked among the top 50 public universities in the U.S. by the Centre for World University Rankings. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Cruz is famous for its warm climate, miles of scenic beaches, and innovation in high technology and agriculture. It is known for its Computer Science, Psychology, Economics and Biology programmes.



Information about upcoming guest speakers can be found below:



在每周的大学准备课程上,我们向学生们介绍有关大学的各方面信息,包括大学生活、选课、世界各地不同的申请系统等;同时,同学们也要学习如何建立一份高质量的个人档案,来帮助自己申请心仪的大学。我认为,在孩子逐步完成高中部的学业、并逐渐完善个人档案的过程中,家长的理解和支持也是非常重要的。因此,我想邀请七至十年级的全体家长和学生参加一场主题为“大学申请:如何建立一份出色的个人档案”的信息分享会。分享会将于10月29日(周五)下午2点至3点在学校大剧院举行。如果您确认参加,请通过以下链接报名 http://wellingtoncollegehangzhou.mikecrm.com/cuTRhOs  ,期待与您见面。

Pupils are being taught in their weekly University Preparation about all aspects of university including what university life is like, how to choose a course and different application systems across the world. They are also learning about how to build a positive personal profile to strengthen their university applications. I feel that it is also important for parents to know how to support their child/children as they progress through their secondary education and develop their personal profiles. I would like to invite parents of all G7-G10 and Pre A Level classes to a presentation on 'Applying to university: making an outstanding application' on Friday 29 October in the theatre from 2:00pm-3:00pm. Please RSVP to the event via http://wellingtoncollegehangzhou.mikecrm.com/cuTRhOs. I look forward to seeing you there.


WeChat Image_20211022094852.png


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



This week Junior High Huili pupils delivered the first series of Huili Hangzhou’s WellingTEN talks in our assembly. The WellingTEN talks are modelled after TED talks, which is an initiative run by a global community that seek to deepen the understanding of the world.  The philosophy is based on the idea that the power of ideas can change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. Our pupils were invited to apply to participate within this initiative where they delivered a 2 minute speech based on a topic that inspired them.  As always, our pupils quickly rose to the challenge, with 13 pupils volunteering to participate, delivering speeches with conviction, passion and demonstrating superb language skills. The topics that the pupils’chose included living an inspired life, positive ways to spend your time and what success looks like. I would like to congratulate all 13 pupils that rose to the challenge on this occasion and look forward to the future WellingTEN talks where I anticipate that many more pupils will volunteer to inspire their peers.



Next week we will be celebrating the De House Charity Day, which continues to support breast cancer awareness with the theme of pink, as well as the start of welcoming our Grade 6 pupils into Junior High with a talk to parents. Our pathways to university talks continue with the next parent session on Friday 29 October, to ensure that our pupils are fully prepared for future applications.






Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters



The most exciting news about this week is our very first school trip of the year. Grade 4 went to the Xianghu lake as part of their cross-curricular learning. They investigated plants for science, they will write about the experience in English and they will explore texture in their art lessons.




Grade 3 also had their curriculum enrichment day and made real patisserie style chocolate. The children finalised their chocolate topic by looking at the science of solids, liquids and gases as well as design and technology to create their own confection. There will be more information regarding school trips and enrichment for other year groups very soon.



Another exciting event this week was for our primary football team who went to the opening ceremony of the Xiaoshan Football Super league. After the opening ceremony, our talented footballers participated in several activities over the three day event.



The pupil progress report is published today. You will get a chance to discuss these in the upcoming parent teacher conferences which will be held from the 3 to 5 of November. You will be sent an invitation by email for these. Please read it carefully and schedule your preferred time slots early as they are limited. Please note that during PTCs there will be off timetable activities planned for pupils on Wednesday and Thursday while Friday is a non-attendance day for children.



Upcoming events for next week include the Primary Coffee Mornings. You will have already received an email regarding this.



Ms Tracey Zheng, Head of Primary, Ms Jenny Stones, Deputy Head of Primary, Ms Carina Ma, Deputy Head of Pastoral will be there to answer your questions; If you have any, please do sign up before the event and let us know in advance.


会议时间Time: 8:10am-9:10am

  • 周一早上810-910(三年级)

    Grade 3 Monday 8:10am-9:10am

  • 周二早上810-910(四年级)

    Tuesday 8:10am-9:10am

  • 周三早上810-910(五年级)

    Grade 5 Wednesday 8:10am-9:10am

  • 周四早上810-910(六年级)

    Grade 6 Thursday 8:10am-9:10am

会议地点Location: 学校主楼咖啡吧旁Poolside Café, Main Building




   Tracey Zheng

Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters



Sharing our experiences and learning from our families is always a great pleasure for us at school. Ms Wei and I have had the privilege to meet with several of our families this week, discussing our shared values, our unique identities and most importantly our shared aspirations for our pupils in lowerprimary. Learning from each other and having the opportunity to reflect on our children’ss learning and education provide us with a fantastic insight to pave the road forward in a partnership unlike any other. I encourage all families to ask questions, share the many positives and ask for feedback. We will only be able to grow as a community if we enrich our minds through constant communication.



With the drastic change in weather this week, our pupils are at greater risk of becoming unwell. I would like to kindly ask that we dress our children appropriately for the weather. Please do encourage healthy hygiene habits and do speak to our school nurse team should your child experience any kind of symptoms. We are here to help.



I hope that our grade 2A families enjoyed the celebration of learning on Thursday. We are all very proud of our 2A pupils for delivering an inspiring celebration showcasing their talents and their new learning at school. Congratulations Ms. Neli and Ms. Nina - thank you for your hard work and dedication to our pupils, families and community.



Thank you to those families that have already scheduled a time to meet with your child’s teacher on Friday 5 November to discuss his or her individual starting point this year. If you have not yet already done so, please speak with your child’s class teacher or contact the school office.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



Sports Matters




This week’s focus was on the Xiaoshan Football League competition. It was a chance for our U12 boys and U12 girls to experience fierce competition against the best that the district had to offer. Although we were unsuccessful in a placing out of the group stages the pupils selected showed sheer determination and tried their best throughout the competition. Both boys and girls will continue to work hard to ensure that they improve upon their placing next year.



The U15 girls football team also competed within the Xiaoshan Football League this year. The girls were successful in winning both their games. The girls will now move in to the last 16 of the competition. Games will be played next year. In the meantime, the girls will continue to work hard in their practices.



This Saturday will see the HISACs swimming competition take place at Kings College Hangzhou. Over thirty children from our school will compete. A more detailed report will follow in next weeks “Week Ahead”.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters




We welcome our new visiting teachers Ms. Elsa and Mr. Sun.



Ms. Elsa is an outstanding pianist and teacher with experience in Chinese piano examinations and ABRSM. Mr. Sun is a fantastic violinist and teacher who has experience with several orchestras. We strongly believe they will add incredible value to our performing arts and music programme. Both teachers are established artists in Hangzhou who will permeate their love for music to our pupils.



If you are interested in taking instrumental lessons with these teachers or would like to apply for instrumental lessons, please contact me directly for more information (alejandro.montoya@huilieducation.cn).



After the fabulous success of our first ever musical “Madagascar Jr.”, we are pleased to announce this year’s musical production: “Seussical Jr.” a musical comedy based on the many children’s stories of Dr Seuss, with most of its plot being based on “Horton Hears a Who!” while incorporating many other stories.

Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts




Community Matters


WeChat Image_20211019141517.jpg

上周六,惠灵顿杭州校区教职员工足球队参加了由上海德威外籍人员子女学校组织的英中贸易协会的七人制足球比赛。在24支参赛球队中,我方球队过关斩将,并以4-0的大比分优势在决赛中击败惠灵顿上海校区球队,取得比赛的胜利。体育部主任Nathan Witter被提名为比赛最佳球员。希望我们明年能继续将这一好成绩延续下去。

On Saturday the staff football team competed in the British Chamber 7-aside Football Competition hosted in Shanghai. The competition was hugely competitive with twenty four teams entering. Our staff team were the overall winners of the tournament beating Wellington College Shanghai in the final (4-0). Nathan Witter, our Director of Sport was also nominated player of the tournament. This was a fantastic result for our school and we hope to emulate it in next year’s competition.


Lindsay Bellis


Director of Marketing



Huili school is running a charity event next week. On Friday, 29 October all pupils will enjoy a ‘wear what you like’ day with a pink theme. The pupils will be encouraged to wear a pink garment to show their support for breast cancer awareness week. We would ask the parents to make a small donation to a local charity via the QR code attached. The charity is called Zhejiang Women and Children’s Foundation. Please write “乳腺关爱专项"(For Breast cancer only) when you make the donation. Thank you for your support.

Breast cancer awareness poster.jpg

Jack Nolan


PE Teacher