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每周快讯 | The Week Ahead




Message from the Principal




I believe all Huili community members spent valuable time with their family and friends during the Golden Week holidays.



During the next two weeks, Primary and Junior High will issue the first semester Progress report and hold Parent Teacher Conferences in the first week of November. Parents will be able to communicate with subject teachers one-to-one regarding pupil progress.



It is important for parents to fully understand the Progress Report, review pupil performance in school objectively and communicate with teachers actively as it effects pupils development. We hope that parents will keep a close eye on school emails and tchat messages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the class teachers or school office. I look forward to collaboration between the school and family to support pupil development.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou




Sixth Form Matters




The importance of effective study skills


我们应该多与学生谈谈他们的学习方式和有效学习的方法。对备考的人而言,尤其是要参加多门外部评估的十年级和A Level预备课程的学生而言,今年是至关重要的一年。近年来,“学习技能”一词频繁出现,因此我们一定要理解它的意义,运用学习技能举一反三。

It is never too early to talk to pupils about how they study and how to study effectively. This is a crucial year for anyone sitting examinations, especially for those in Grade 10 and the Pre A Level class as they must study for multiple external assessments. The term 'study skills' has been used frequently in recent years but we must understand what this means and how to embed good practise.



What are study skills?



Study skills include a range of learning methods that improve pupils' ability to study, retain and recall information. It is well worth developing study skills so that revision time is effective and that time is not wasted. There is no 'one size fits all' approach as all learners are individuals.



Here are some ideas for pupils to try:






Whichever method pupils employ to consolidate their learning, they must also relax, unwind and sleep. Studying without taking rest breaks will not be effective. I encourage you to discuss different study skills with your child and encourage them to build upon their study skills as these will be useful for well into their university years.


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters




As we move forward with our academic excellence in Junior High, we are actively pursuing a wider range of high performing academic competitions for our pupils to be able to extend their experiences and opportunities. In the past weeks we have registered for the COBIS GSL World Catalyst competition. This is an opportunity for our pupils to undertake an in-depth exploration of key issues the world is facing - covering everything from the environment to poverty. Based on the United Nations 17 Global goals, pupils will participate in a three-day leadership weekend where they will receive training and coaching from a range of experts from around the world. The weekend will also include opportunities to discuss global issues with other passionate young people from a variety of different countries and cultures - providing them opportunities to understand these issues from a variety of different perspectives. From this, pupils will work in teams to formulate and deliver a 30-day project to create something which will impact their selected global issue. These projects will then be presented to judges, who will decide which ones from around the world have made the greatest impact.


我们非常荣幸今年能够与享有盛誉的“世界学者杯”合作。这项被创始人称赞为“学术庆典”的国际性学术竞赛将具有挑战性的学术知识与趣味性活动相结合,鼓励并培养参与人员对学习的热爱。竞赛活动的主话题为 “全新的世界“,围绕学生有能力回答的六大科目典型问题,如“如果运用科技手段来保护自然界中生物,那这些生物还属于自然么?”等等。经过多轮各区域及国家竞赛后,脱颖而出的世界精英学子将汇集耶鲁大学,参加名为 “学者杯巅峰战”的最终决赛。决赛时,学生将三人一组,在两天内就四项任务展开角逐。期间,学生将在辩论、协同写作、120道学者挑战单选题、团队竞答学者碗等四项比赛中展现自我。有意愿参加的初中部学生将会在接下来的六周内接受训练,并有机会参加今年11月底在上海举行的地区赛。

We are also incredibly excited this year to be working with the prestigious World Scholar's Cup. This international academic competition, described by the founder as a 'celebration of learning' combines rigorously challenging academic knowledge with fun-filled activities to encourage and embed a true love of learning. Based on the overall theme of 'A World Renewed', the competition centres around pupils being able to answer big questions in six subject areas, such as, 'If technology is used to preserve something natural, is it still natural?'. Delivered in various rounds, ranging from regional to global, the final competition entitled 'The Tournament of Champions' is held annually at Yale University and brings the very best and brightest pupils from around the world together. The competition requires pupils to work in teams of three, and they compete in four different tasks over two days. Pupils must express themselves by participating in debating, collaborative writing, scholar's challenge - a 120 question multiple choice quiz and the scholar's bowl - a team quiz. Junior High pupils who wish to participate, will receive coaching over the next six-weeks and can participate in the next regional round in Shanghai at the end of November.



In addition to the above competitions, we are also working with the Future city competition, COBIS International Poetry Competition, COBIS International Art Competition, AMC Maths competitions and our own internal competitions. We know how academically driven and talented our pupils are and are excited to be sharing this with the world in the coming months.




Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters




Welcome back to all our families. We hope that you had a restful time during the golden week holiday. Huili pupils have returned with energy and positivity. On Monday two grade 6 pupils, Walle S and Helen L, gave a speech during the flag raising ceremony. They set an excellent example to the school by sharing the importance of respect.



This week our heads of departments, Senior Management Team and Senior Leadership Team started the formal lesson observation in upper primary. It has given us an opportunity to see some wonderful work in the classrooms with pupils demonstrating their knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of subject areas. While sharing some excellent teaching and learning enabling all pupils to make good progress within lessons.


下周,我们将通过家长通道(iParent Portal App)与家长分享本学年的第一份报告。您将可以借此机会进一步了解学生当前的学习状况。第一份报告侧重于努力程度和学术成就。大多数家长都已熟悉先前报告中惠立的1-9级量表。今年的格式发生了变化,我们将在与成绩相关的四个关键领域进行评估。这些评估将与惠灵顿中国对学生在该年级和该学科的学习期望相关联。我们将使用四个关键术语:“ 暂未达到标准(Entering)、接近标准(Developing)、达到标准(Securing) 和 超出标准(Exceeding)” 来取代 1-9级量表。

Next week we will be sharing the first report for this academic year with parents via the parent portal. This will give you an opportunity to understand more about where your child is, currently, on their learning journey. This first report focuses on effort and attainment. Most parents will be familiar with the Huili 1-9 scale used on previous reports. The format has changed this year and we will be reporting on four key areas related to attainment and these will be linked to the Wellington College China expectations of a pupil in that grade and within that subject. We will be using the four key terms Entering, Developing, Securing and Exceeding to replace the 1-9 scale.



We look forward to inviting parents to join us in our upcoming coffee mornings where heads of departments, grade leaders and the leadership team will be available to discuss any of your questions. We have an open agenda for these meetings so feel free to attend for a coffee and a chat.




   Tracey Zheng

Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters




It’s hard to believe that we have already celebrated the National week and that the autumn leaves are in full bloom. We are so excited to continue our journey filled with the many learning opportunities, traditions, and celebrations this special time of the year has on offer. There is a part of me that feels like this school year has just begun, while another part of me feels like our pupils and staff have established relationships and routines that make it seem like we’ve been in school a lot longer.





To commence our return to school after the October holiday our families had the opportunity to learn more about baseline at our very first Positive Parent session hosted by Ms. Wei Sun, Assistant Head of Lower Primary.  “Why do we need to have baselines? How does baseline support pupil’s learning?” – were just some of the many questions that were answered.



Thank you to our parent representatives that have given us fantastic support for our new dismissal routines. We could not have done this without you, and I am confident that with our new routines now in place we are succeeding in providing an even safer environment for our pupils, families and staff.



From next week, class parents will be able to share in our weekly celebration of learning hosted by classes across the lower primary school beginning with Grade 2A on Thursday 21 October. Please look out for your child’s class invitation. We are looking forward to sharing in this experience with you.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



Sports Matters




This week saw a number of exciting fixtures take place. The first was a rugby fixture on Tuesday. It was a joint effort from our U12 and U14 team competing against Hangzhou international School. The team were triumphant winners with the score ending 9-5. On Wednesday the U14 boys football team played in their first competitive game against Xue Jun. The boys had only had a few training sessions and unfortunately lost 0-1 after a closely fought game. On Thursday the U16 boys basketball team competed against a strong Olive Tree Academy. The atmosphere was phenomenal and many pupils that were not involved within the competition came to spectate. The team was narrowly defeated, however the team will continue to work hard in training to come back stronger. 



Next week the sports department will focus on the Xiaoshan Football League competing with over 83 schools. This is a very exciting opportunity for our best footballers to compete at the highest standard within Xiaoshan. A detailed report will follow in next weeks ‘ Week Ahead’.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport




Community Matters




Thank you for your support and involvement in “AliCare Shoebox Appeal. Help Malawi Orphans!” project, it has been great to see so many embrace this opportunity to work with the children on what it means to be kind and the different ways this value can be demonstrated. I can inform you that my sister and I have arranged the delivery of these boxes to the charity. They are very excited about the generous donation, so I would like to extend my gratitude to the children and the parents, the work with the wider community has been vital in driving this very meaningful project.



Once the boxes arrive at their destination, the charity will be providing updates, photographs and messages. I am keen to share these with our children so they can see the difference their act of kindness has made to other children in a different part of the world.



Angy Villegas



English and Theme Teacher

Grade 2C Homeroom Teacher/Grade Leader