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Message from the Principal



“如果有什么东西将我们聚集起来的话,那就是我们当下的脆弱感和对未来的不确定性。” 联合国教科文组织总干事奥德蕾·阿祖莱在近一个月前的联合国教科文组织面向全球发布新版教育构想的仪式上发表如是观点。如阿祖莱先生所言,对未来的不确定性亦可成为凝聚人心的力量。

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, said, “if anything has brought us together over the last year and a half, it is our feeling of vulnerability about the present and uncertainty about the future” in the report Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education, one month ago. Uncertainty about the future can also become a force to bring people together.



To ensure the safety and health of pupils and staff and keep continuous learning, our SLT and faculty have put a lot of effort into epidemic prevention and control in recent days. I was impressed by the teamwork spirit and selfless dedication. Meanwhile, I also appreciated the cooperation from our parents. In such an environment that needs to cope with changes, members of the Huili community always respect, cooperate and support each other. I feel very proud and happy to be involved in a community full of humanistic care.



A school’s core is to cultivate pupils with all-round development and comprehensive talents by providing high-quality education. But, as educators, we must stick to it in an unpredictable environment. Next week, the second round of lesson observations will be conducted in Primary and Junior High. We hope it will give teachers guidance and inspiration to integrate advanced Chinese and Western educational theories into teaching practice and continuously improve teaching quality.



Greetings to all Huili community members.





Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters




Wellington College Hangzhou’s first-ever university fair



I am delighted to announce that we will be holding Wellington College Hangzhou’s first-ever university fair on Thursday, 13 January 2022. It will be a fantastic opportunity for pupils and parents to speak to university representatives first hand about higher education, choosing courses, unique facilities and much more.



What is a university fair?



A university fair is an event where pupils and parents can meet university representatives from all over the world in one place. It is your chance to ask specific questions to understand life at university. For example, you can ask about the campus, admissions process and careers guidance.






What are the aims of a university fair?



From a pupil and parent perspective, the aim of the fair is to gain greater insight into each university by seeking answers that are not easily found on the internet. For example, online, we can find out that King’s College London has a QS ranking of 35, a student population of more than 26000 where 8000 of these are international. More than 480 degree programmes are on offer, and the acceptance rate is approximately 13%. However, by talking to a representative, you will be able to gain a better idea of



What the accommodation will be like



How far the living area is from the lecture halls



Whether there are other Chinese students and if there is a Chinese society to help feel more at home



What the food at the university is like



The number of students to expect in a lecture



The number of lectures and tutorials per week



From the representative’s perspective, they aim to find the best students for their university by highlighting all the best features of their campuses. Everyone must make an excellent first impression.



So how do we make the most of this opportunity?



Research – talk to your child about their interests and possible subjects to study. No decisions need to be made immediately. However, it will undoubtedly help your conversations with the university representatives if you know which course your child is interested in.



Have an idea about which countries or cities or universities that your child likes



Prepare a list of questions. If the university you are interested in is not in attendance, you can still talk to other representatives to learn more about their universities and their respective countries’ application systems. It is well worth noting that the more you prepare, the more you will benefit from this experience.



Event details



When: Thursday 13 January 2022 1.15-3.15pm



Where: Huili School Hangzhou gymnasium



Who: All Grade 8 - 10 pupils and their parents (subject to visitor regulations at the time of the event)



Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters




Research shows that resilience is important to secure the future success of any individual. Without developing these skills, pupils become easily overwhelmed and can turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with uncertainty and rejection. Conversely, resilient pupils can tap into their strengths and are aware of the support processes they have in place to overcome the challenges that we face today. 



In Junior High pupils are challenged both academically and through critical thinking skills as part of their education to ensure that they develop the resilience required for success in their future. Taking risks is encouraged alongside accepting that we all make mistakes and that learning from these mistakes shapes our learning experience.



Due to the current situation, some activities are subject to change. However, we will keep very close contact with the Education Bureau and will make sure to keep you updated. In addition, the school office will send more information regarding the arrangements for junior high events soon.


JH Events.PNG



Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters


This week has marked the start of one exciting new programme in the upper primary - our English enrichment programme.



The English Enrichment program intends to raise literacy standards and support high achievers, particularly speaking, reading and writing. The program uses quality children’s books, which are used in many schools. They are utilised alongside a creative teaching approach to promote pupils English alongside their curriculum lessons. This week the pupils met for the first time and had the opportunity to explore the chosen books. They will now work closely with the English teacher to delve into the text using speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.




在本周的高年级集会活动上,我们热烈庆祝了学生们在各项运动比赛中取得的优异成绩。Witter 老师为在本学期运动会上取得田径比赛一、二和三等奖的学生颁发了奖项。在运动会上积极展示了惠立价值观的学生也获得了表彰。所有奖项均已转换成学院积分,思院获得了最终胜利。恭喜思院学子!

We also celebrated sporting success in our Upper primary weekly assembly. Mr Witter presented several awards to pupils who gained 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in the track and field events during our recent sports day. There were also awards for those pupils who displayed our Huili values during the day. All awards were converted into house points, and the overall winning house was Si house. Congratulations to Si house pupils.




Charlotte Fong


Assistant Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters

WeChat Image_20211210140742.jpg
WeChat Image_20211210140751.jpg


Positive relationships form the fundamental building block and characteristics within our lower primary school, focusing on lasting friendships, close family relationships, and relationships with other pupils and adults. Research tells us that families that take an active role and interest in their child’s learning journey make a big difference in how well they do in school. Creating a home environment that is a positive learning environment plays a large part in establishing positive learning relationships at home.



The home learning environment can be explained as a mixture of everything you and your family do, the physical spaces available and accessible by your child and any opportunity that will impact your child’s development and learning. This can include the time pupils have available to play, the equipment or objects they have to play with, and everyday experiences such as cooking, taking out the bins or other experiences that allow them to make sense of the world around them. The most important feature allowing our children to thrive is the interactions with the people around them and their experiences – love, a sense of belonging, encouragement, time to talk and engage in conversation, and being a positive role model.



A positive home environment encourages children to have positive attitudes to learning, be curious, be respectful and kind, and believe in themselves. Allowing families to talk about the day, share stories about events that may have happened, and listen to each other is essential to any child’s development, well-being, and personal and social skills.



This weekend I would like to challenge you, our parent community, to switch off all electronics – TVs, iPods, mobile phones and have dinner together, to use this time to listen to your children, ask questions and tell stories.



I hope your weekend is full of laughter and joy.



Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



Sports Matters



This week external fixtures were rescheduled. Therefore, the house masters, led by Mr Mitchell, arranged several house competitions to engage our sporting pupils. The first competition took place on Thursday, seeing both boys and girls from junior high competing in football. It was a fantastic day which displayed the talents of our pupils. Next week, we will continue with internal competitions with touch rugby, swimming, netball, and basketball.



Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters




We are pleased to see our pupils’ interest in taking part in the Chinese New Year Gala. This week we received over 100 video submissions for the auditions.



The deadline is Monday 13 December 2021. After the video audition application, the Performing Arts team will go through every video for the selection process. Some pupils may be invited for face-to-face auditions between Monday 20 and Thursday 23 December. Our team will share the final decision with parents and pupils on Friday, 24 December 2021.



You still have time to prepare your recording and send it to performingarts.hsh@huilieducation.cn. Please add the details below when submitting a video:


  • 孩子的英文姓名

  • English name and surname of your child

  • 孩子所在班级(如4A班)

  • Class (for example 4A)

  • 表演类型:歌唱、器乐、舞蹈、表演或诗歌朗诵。

  • Type of performance: singing, instrumental, dance, acting or poetry recitation



Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Dukebox Matters




Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio throughout the week to enjoy various shows, including “Marty James breakfast show”, “The big yellow bus show”, “Motown/Rock shows” among others – https://dukeboxradio.cn/



Don’t worry if you missed any of the live shows as you can access them on our exclusive “Listen again” service: https://dukeboxradio.cn/china-catchup/



Please have a look at some of the wonderful content available in our podcast section: https://dukeboxradio.cn/podcast-archive/ 



Here are the most recent podcasts created by our pupils and staff.






Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter